NYC Drug Treatment Courts



Case Managers performs initial screenings on referred respondents, link them with treatment, and provide the ongoing reports on participant compliance with their chemical dependency and recovery programs. The Case Managers monitor all areas of treatment to ensure that the program is delivering the proper level of treatment and services needed during all phases of the program. The Case Managers act as liaisons between Drug Court and treatment providers.



Project Director - supervises clinical staff (resource coordinator, case assessors/ managers, lab technicians, data entry) of one or two drug courts maintain working relationship with courtroom staff assist in developing policies and procedures staff training maintain treatment provider network and ensure compliance with court requirements.

Resource Coordinator - primary liaison between the court, the district attorney, defense bar, court and clinical staff and treatment providers.

(Senior) Case Manager II - includes all of case manager's responsibilities; and may act as backup resource coordinator; assists case managers, as needed, in areas of psycho-social assessment, treatment planning and monitoring.

Case Manager I - conducts psycho-social assessments of new clients; prepare treatment plans; coordinate and facilitate client’s entry into substance abuse treatment; intensively monitor progress in treatment through comprehensive communication with treatment programs; maintain all compliance related information using the Court’s computer system; assist with urine sampling and provide all update information to Court on scheduled court appearances.

Vocational and Educational Case Manager II, I - conducts assessments and evaluates a participant's educational, vocational and personality traits to provide them with career and academic counseling despite scholastic, social development problems and other special needs; cultivating and maintaining relationships with federal, state and city agencies, as well as educational institutions, so as to refer MTC/MMTC participants for services.

Lab Technician - conducts toxicology screens of drug court participants; conducts intake of treatment center participants; and assists with data entry in UTA.


Administrative Office

Justin Barry, Chief Clerk for the New York City Criminal Courts
Lisa Lindsay, Citywide Problem-Solving Court Coordinator
Darren Edwards, Citywide Research Coordinator


Manhattan - MDC92A/MDC92B

Queens - QMTC

Staten Island - SITC




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