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Manhattan Treatment Court (MTC)

Manhattan Treatment Court (Felony)


Welcome to the greatest city in the world, home of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Madison Square Garden and the Manhattan Treatment Court (MTC). 

Manhattan Treatment Court (MTC)

In 1998, Manhattan Drug Treatment Court, also known as MDC, was created “to make treatment available to non-violent, substance-abusing offenders as an alternative to incarceration with the goal of reducing criminal behavior and improving public safety. In 2009, Article 216 of the Criminal Procedure Law codified MDC’s policies and procedures. Since its inception, MDC has provided treatment to individuals charged with felony offenses who have a substance use and co-occurring mental health disorder that contributes to their criminal behavior being prosecuted by the Special Narcotic Prosecutor and NY Country District attorney’s office. MDC operates out of Supreme Court part MDC-92.

Please include our court in the list of sites to see when visiting lower Manhattan. We are located right next to Chinatown and Little Italy. MTC operates out of Criminal Court Pt. N and cases are heard every Wednesday. You won’t find a more rewarding experience than seeing the case of a person who has battled addiction, successfully completed a drug treatment program and obtained gainful employment have their case dismissed to a standing ovation.


Debra Hall-Martin
Project Director II



60 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10013

Phone: 646.386.5870
Fax: 212.374.1725

What is MTC

MTC is a special courtroom in the Manhattan Criminal Court. It is a program for first time felony offenders arrested in Manhattan, prosecuted by the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor, who face felony drug charges and who also abuse drugs. Instead of jail or probation, MTC will help you enter and stay in a drug or alcohol treatment program. The MTC program includes regular court appearances and supervision by the MTC judge.

The amount of time you spend in MTC will depend on the crime you were originally charged with, your criminal history, your plea and your individual progress in treatment. Most people will spend anywhere from one to two years in the MTC program.