NYC Drug Treatment Courts
Staten Island Treatment Court (SITC)

Welcome to SITC (Felony)


Welcome to Staten Island Treatment Court! The SITC Team joined together in 1999 to develop Staten Island Treatment Court and we opened our doors in March 2002. 

Staten Island Treatment Court (SITC)

The SITC team takes pride in our commitment to serve eligible defendants, as we continually strive to seek a just resolution. Please browse our site and check out what our treatment court offers to both felony (SITCF) and misdemeanor (SITCM) offenders who are abusing drugs or alcohol.

Laverne Chin
Project Director I



26 Central Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10301

Phone: 718-675-8530
Fax: 718-876-7770

What is SITC

SITC is a special court part in the Staten Island Criminal Court. It is a court-based program for offenders arrested in Staten Island who face felony and/or misdemeanor drug charges and who also abuse drugs. Instead of jail or probation, SITC will help you enter and stay in a drug or alcohol treatment program. The SITC program includes regular court appearances and supervision by the SITC judge.

The amount of time you spend in SITC will depend on the crime you were originally charged with, your criminal history, your plea and your individual progress in treatment.

SITCM Participants must spend at least 9 months and SITCF Participants at least 12 months in treatment court.