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Criminal Jury Instructions (CJI)

The Criminal Jury Instructions are a set of model charges intended as a guideline for trial judges. The instructions are, of course, based on statutory provisions and prevailing case law. The Committee does not receive adversarial briefs or arguments on unresolved legal issues related to a charge, and accordingly does not necessarily attempt to resolve such issues. Further, the facts of a particular case may call for a modification of a CJI2d model charge. Of necessity, such determinations are left to the learned and sound discretion of the trial court.

Model Colloquies (MC)

The Model Colloquies are also intended as a guide for trial judges. The Court of Appeals has held that trial-level courts are in the best position to consider what circumstances are relevant in determining how best to address various issues, such as the taking of a defendant’s plea of guilty or a waiver of a right. Thus, the Court has placed primary responsibility on the trial court for formulating an appropriate inquiry and instruction and has not mandated “any particular litany.” See, e.g., People v Conceicao, 26 NY3d 375, 382 (2015). These model colloquies are accordingly intended as a helpful guide to a trial court in fulfilling its responsibility.




Hon. Patricia D. Marks*
Hon. William C. Donnino*

Hon. Angela Badamo
Hon. Felix J. Catena
Joseph A. Cristiano, Esq.
Lori C. Fioravanti, Esq.
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Hon. Martin Marcus
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Hon. Paula Metzler
Hon. Deborah Stevens Modica*
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Vincent Rivellese, Esq.
Hon. Barry Warhit
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Hon. Paul B. Wojtaszek

Committee Counsel
Shane Tela Hegarty, Esq.


Former Members

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Hon. Steven W. Fisher**

Former Members
Glenda K. Brayman, Esq.
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Guy E. Des Rosiers, Esq.
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David E. Woodin, Esq

*  Retired
** Deceased