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Serving "Notice of Entry"

Once the Judgment is entered, the winner should serve a copy of the Judgment with "notice of entry" on the loser. This service starts the loser’s time to appeal running. You can follow the procedure below for each person or corporation that must be served:

1. Click on Notice of Entry to download the form.
2. Complete the Notice of Entry form.
3. Make several copies of the Judgment and Notice of Entry form.
4. Attach a copy of the Judgment to the completed Notice of Entry form.
5. Have someone over the age of 18, who is not suing in this action or proceeding, mail a copy of the Notice of Entry and Judgment by regular mail to the person or corporation which must be served.
6. Next you need an affidavit swearing that the Judgment with Notice of Entry was served. Click on Affidavit of Service to download the form.
7. Prepare an Affidavit of Service for the person or corporation served. Have the person who did the mailing sign the Affidavit of Service and have it notarized.
8. Attach the original Affidavit of Service to a copy of the Notice of Entry and Judgment that was served.
9. Return the Notice of Entry, Judgment and Affidavit of Service to the Court, keeping a copy for your records.