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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to start my case?

How do I find phone numbers, addresses, directions or court hours?

Where can I get free help?

What do I do if I missed my court appearance (“defaulted”)?

What do I do if I can’t make my court date?

What do I do if I want someone (“witness”) to come to my trial to tell the judge important information, but they refuse?

What do I do if I know that records or documents can prove my case, but I don’t have them?

What do I do if I think the judge made a mistake in my case?

How can I listen to, or get a written copy of, what happened in court?

Does the judge have any rules I need to know in the courtroom?

What do I do if I can’t afford to pay the fees charged by the court (“poor person’s relief”)?

What do I do if my landlord changed the locks without bringing me to court?

What do I do if I never got a copy of any court papers (“notice of petition and petition”) from my landlord before this case started?

What do I do if things are broken in my apartment, or don’t work, and I want the judge to know about them (“inspection”)?

What reasons (“defenses”) can I give the court for not paying my rent?

How do I get into the apartment if the tenant won’t let me in to inspect or make repairs?

Do I have to do anything (“rent demand”) before I start a case to get the rent money owed?

Do I have to give the tenant anything (“notices”) before I start the case for a different reason than nonpayment of rent?

What do I do if my tenant or the City of New York brings me to court to do repairs?

How do I find a list of New York City Marshals?

How do I get a Non-Military affidavit?

How can I make my roommate move?

If my tenant invited someone to live in the premises and my tenant moved out, how do I evict that person (licensee)?