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Court Fees in the New York City Housing Court

Fees must be paid by cash (exact change only), certified check, money order or bank check made payable to: “Clerk of the Civil Court.” Personal checks are not accepted. A litigant who cannot afford to pay a required fee can file papers asking a judge to waive the fee in the litigant’s case.

Service Amount Statutory Authority
Filing notice of appeal
NYCCCA 1911(f)
Issue satisfaction of judgment, etc.
NYCCCA 1911(g)
Demand for jury trial
NYCCCA 1911(h)
NYCCCA 1911(i)
Certifying a paper
NYCCCA 1911(j)
Issue a notice of petition
NYCCCA 1911(k)
Transcript of Judgment (Issuance)
CPLR 8021(b)(11)(c)(3)
Production of Court Record
CPLR 8020(h)

* Fees for filing a notice of appeal submitted through the Electronic Document Delivery Service (EDDS) will be collected online.