Court Rules and Forms


Rules of Practice - (22NYCRR) Parts 1250 and 600

E-Filing Rules

(FAQ) Practice in the First Department



Notice of Appearance

Summary Statement on Application for Expedited Service and/or Interim Relief

Note of Issue

Informational Statement

Criminal Poor Person Application

Family Court Poor Person Application

Civil Supreme Court Poor Person Application

Instructions & Forms for a Motion for Reinstatement for Violation of Judiciary Law section 468-a

CPL 245.70 Order To Show Cause

CPL 245.70 Application

CPL 380.55(2) Attorney Certification


Fees in Civil matters


› To file a notice of appeal with the County Clerk - $65

› To file a record on appeal at the Appellate Division - $315

› To file a motion or cross-motion concerning an appeal or proceeding (except one seeking leave to proceed as a poor person) - $ 45

All fees shall be paid by check or money order. Make check or money order payable to "Appellate Division, First Department".