Going to Court

Going to court on your own can be very stressful and confusing. Use the links below to find the help you need to represent yourself in court.

What Can I Expect?
Court User Expectations & Responsibilities

Getting Help
Information about Court Help Centers, law libraries, how to access public records, what court clerks can help you do, and getting an interpreter for your case.

Court Forms & Fees
Look for the forms you need for your case, check to see if there is a fee for filing.

Court System Basics
Learn about court structure, rules, administration, history and which court is right for you.

Court Case Basics
Learn about the basic steps in New York State court cases, which court to start your case, how to find court forms, how to deliver legal papers, how to ask the Judge to do something in your case by an order to show cause or a motion, learn about settlements, discovery, trials, filing fees and fee waivers, and more.

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