Getting Help at the Courthouse

You are not completely on your own at the courthouse. There are many ways to get help depending on your needs. Most of the services linked below are free and open to anyone who does not have a lawyer and no appointments are needed.

Help Centers
Some courts have Help Centers located right at the courthouse to assist people who do not have a lawyer. These offices are staffed by clerks and court attorneys who provide free legal and procedural information, offer referrals and give out court forms and written information. Some Help Centers have volunteer lawyers to give free legal advice.

Law Libraries
Law libraries have resources for you to do legal research and law librarians can help you look up what you need.

Lawyers and Legal Help
Learn how to find free and low-cost legal help. Learn how to complain about an attorney or check an attorney’s registration.

More Free Court Services
Find out about free court services at the courthouse, including child care centers, help with ADA issues, and e-filing.

Getting Court Records and Case Information
Find out how and where to ask for court records.

Court Clerks
Workers in the courthouse can’t take sides or give legal advice. Find out what they can do for you.

Language Help (Interpreters)
If you cannot speak English well, learn about getting a free court interpreter to help you.

Americans with Disabilities (ADA)
Each Court has a person available to help people with disabilities. Find contact information, how a request is made and handled, and learn about the services and aids that courts can provide.

Resolving a case out of Court (ADR)
Find out about ways to work out your dispute without having to go before a judge.

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