Order of Filiation

If an unmarried couple doesn't sign an Acknowledgment of Paternity form or a mother was married to someone who is not the biological father, a paternity case can be started in Family Court for an Order of Filiation.

An Order of Filiation is a court order that names a man as the father of a child. An Order of Filiation gives the father the right to custody of the child, the right to visitation with the child, and the responsibility of paying child support. The Order of Filiation can also be used to change the child’s last name and get a new birth certificate. Ask the Court Clerk how to do this.

An Order of Filiation can be done "on consent". This means that both the mother and the father agree that the father really is the child's biological father and neither of the parents are asking for a DNA test to prove it. It is very hard to change an Order of Filiation done on consent so it's important that there are no doubts or questions about who the child's biological father is.

Once the court signs an Order of Filiation, a child support case will be started automatically.


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