After the Case is Over

Unless you and the other side have agreed to a settlement, after the case is over, somebody is not going to be happy with the Court’s decision. If you lost, you may want to see if you can get the decision changed by a higher court on an appeal. If you won, the other side may not pay you right away and you may have to take steps to collect the judgment. This section can answer your questions after the court case is over.

Learn what to do if you are unhappy with a decision and want to appeal to a higher court. Get help deciding if you should appeal and learn about the appeals process. Find links to helpful resources and forms.

Collecting a Judgment
Read this section to learn about the collection process and the basic tools to use to enforce a judgment when you don’t have a lawyer.

Trial De Novo (after mandatory Arbitration)
Learn how to ask for a new trial after mandatory arbitration if you are not happy with the arbitrator’s decision.

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