Information Subpoena

If you do not have an attorney and need an information subpoena, use the court locator box on this page to get contact information for the court you need the subpoena issued from.

You can use an Information Subpoena to find out about the Debtor’s money and property. The Information Subpoena is a legal document signed by the Court Clerk that orders the Debtor or others to answer questions about where the Debtor’s assets are located. You can serve an Information Subpoena on the Debtor and on any person or corporation that you think has information about the Debtor's assets. For example: an employer, the telephone company, a landlord, or bank. The Information Subpoena form has different questions depending on whether it is for the Debtor or someone else.

You can get an Information Subpoena form:

  • At a legal stationery store,
  • From a legal forms book from any law library, or
  • From the Court Clerk ($2-3 fee)

Or you can write your own questions based on what you know about the Debtor, if you prefer. You must bring the Information Subpoena to the Court for the Court Clerk to sign.

After the Court Clerk signs the Information Subpoena, send it with two copies of the written questions and a prepaid return envelope by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested. The person or corporation served with the Information Subpoena must answer the questions served within 7 days.

If the person or corporation does not answer the Information Subpoena you can ask the court for help by making a motion for contempt. The Court has the power to fine or jail the person or corporation until the Information Subpoena is answered. Read Preparing for Trial: Discovery.

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