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Commission Members


Joyce Y. Hartsfield
Executive Director

Karlene A. Dennis, Esq.

25 Beaver Street – Room 861,
New York, NY 10004

Phone: 212-428-2790
Fax: 212-428-2792



Hon. Richard B. Lowe III, Chair, Presiding Justice, Appellate Term, 1ST Dept.

Hon. Troy K. Webber 1ST Vice Chair, Justice of the Appellate Div. 1ST Dept  

Sandra Rivera, Esq. 2ND Vice Chair, Law Office of Sandra Rivera, PLLC, Albany, New York

Hon. Rose H. Sconiers, Chair Emeritus

Hon. Lewis L. Douglass, Chair Emeritus

Hon. Vanessa Bogan, Syracuse City Court

T. Andrew Brown, Esq., Brown & Hutchinson LLP, Rochester, NY

Hon. George B. Daniels, United States District Court, Southern District of NY

Lenora B. Foote, Esq., Executive Assistant to Presiding Justice of the 4TH Dept.

Hon. Kathie Davidson, Supervising Family Court Judge, 9TH J.D.

Linda Dunlap-Miller, Esq., Special Assistant to the Hon. Fern Fisher and Chief Management Analyst, HR Civil Service Admin

Hon. Craig D. Hannah, Buffalo City Court

Nadine C. Johnson, Esq., Court Attorney, Richmond County Supreme Court

Hon. Barbara R. Kapnick, Justice of the Appellate Div. 1ST Dept.

Paul Kenny, Esq., Chief Clerk, App. Term 2ND Dept.

Lenore Kramer, Esq., Kramer & Dunleavy, LLP, New York, NY

Hon. Yvonne Lewis, Supreme Court Justice, 2ND J.D. (ret.)

Hon. Doris Ling-Cohan, Assoc. Justice App. Term, 1ST Dept.

Lieutenant Clemont Mack, Bronx Supreme Court, Criminal Div.

Hon. Stephen Miller, City Court, Rochester, NY

Hon. Eduardo Padro, Supreme Court Justice, 1ST J.D. (ret.)

Hon. Joanne D. Quinones, Criminal Court, Kings County

Hon. Robert E. Torres, Administrative Judge, Bronx Supreme Court, Crim. Term, 12th Judicial District

Hon. Richard Rivera, Albany County Family Court

Adrienne Williams, Esq., Court Attorney-Referee, Suffolk County Supreme Court