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July 6: Message from Chief Judge DiFiore

Transcript of the Chief Judge's Message

Responding to an Eviction Proceeding:

Electronic Document Delivery System (EDDS)
The UCS has made available a system of secure document transmission by court users to judges, clerks of court, and other UCS offices around the State. This system, known as the Electronic Document Delivery System (EDDS), may also be used for filing of documents in pending cases in courts where NYSCEF is not available. EDDS may be used by attorneys, unrepresented persons, and other court users. For more information on this system, view the EDDS Notice and the EDDS FAQs.

EDDS should NOT be used for the filing of emergency applications. For information on filing such applications please contact the court directly.

(If you do not have a lawyer, you may visit the CourtHelp website or the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Forms page for helpful information about the legal process and legal documents.)

Send a Document with EDDS


As part of our effort to provide court staff and the public with up-to-date accurate information about the impact of the coronavirus upon the courts – and especially as COVID-19 testing becomes more broadly available -- we ask the following:

If you have been tested or test positive for COVID-19 and have visited any UCS courthouse or court facility in the prior fourteen days, please fill out and submit the Covid19 Test Result Form as soon as possible. If you prefer to notify the court system by phone, call 833-503-0447.

We will then notify court personnel, attorneys and other members of the public who may have been at risk of exposure, in order that they may contact their medical professionals and take appropriate further steps for their and their families’ health and safety. Thank you for your cooperation in this important notification effort during these challenging times.


FreeLegal Assistance by phone/web.

CourtHelp when you don't have a lawyer.

Ask a Law Librarian for legal research.

During the current coronavirus public health emergency, the NY State Court System remains open to address all essential and critical needs of the public. Concurrently, we continue to work closely with our partners in government, including State and local health authorities, to take appropriate measures in order to prioritize the health and safety of all court visitors and staff.
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Latest News:

July 10, 2010
Covid-19 Screening Protocols for UCS Judges and Nonjudicial Employees

July 9, 2020
Updated Guidance on Eviction and Foreclosure Proceedings

July 8, 2020 - Press Release
Courts in 3rd, 9th and 10th Judicial Districts Begin Phase 4 of Return to In-Person Operations

July 7, 2020 - Press Release
Grand Juries to Resume in NYC; NYC Courts Expand In-Person Proceedings


Court Officer uses thermometer to check person's temperature
Effective today, all visitors, attorneys, witnesses, spectators, law enforcement officers, prisoners, vendors, and all other non-court personnel, to any Unified Court System facility will be required to submit to temperature screening and questioning upon entry into the facility by New York State Court Officers and prior to magnetometer security screening.

Court Officer uses thermometer to check person's temperature

If the visitor's registered temperature is less than 100.0" F., and the visitor answers "no" to the questions, the visitor shall be permitted to proceed to security screening.

Court Officer uses thermometer to check person's temperature

If the visitor's registered temperature is equal to or greater than 100.0. F., or the visitor answers "yes" to any of the questions, the visitor will be questioned about their court business, given a recommended course of action and not permitted entrance to the building.

Court Officer uses thermometer to check person's temperature



June 30, 2020
Upstate Courts to Begin Phase 4 of Return to In-Person Operations

June 30, 2020
Covid-19 Screening of Courthouse Visitors - Memo
Screening Questions Poster: English | Español

June 26, 2020

Photo of workers testing a plexiglass screen in Queens courtroom
As we continue to slowly increase in-person operations in New York City Courthouses, various safety enhancements are being implemented. Facilities personnel from the Office of Court Administration along with New York City’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services are in the process of fabricating and installing Plexiglas dividers in Courtrooms throughout the City.

Photo of workers testing a plexiglass screen in Queens courtroom

Workers here are measuring a template in Queens Supreme Court in Jamaica.

Photo of workers testing a plexiglass screen in Queens courtroom

June 25, 2020 - Press Release
Courts in 3rd, 9th and 10th Judicial Districts Enter Phase 3 of Return to In-Person Operations 

June 23, 2020
Procedure for Addressing Residential and Commercial Foreclosure Proceedings

June 23, 2020 - Press Release
New Queens County Administrative Judge Named

June 23, 2020 - Press Release
NYC Courts Begin Phase 2 of Return to In-Person Operations

June 23, 2020
New York City Housing Court continued its incremental expansion to full operations. Continuing with virtual proceedings with represented parties, today, new matters may be filed either by mail or NYSCEF electronic filing system only. 

Photo of waiting area in courthouse

Judges, chambers staff, Court Officers and support personnel returned to the courthouses, where here, at 141 Livingston Street in downtown Brooklyn, the foot traffic was minimal. 

Second Photo of waiting area in courthouse

Third Photo of waiting area in courthouse




June 18 to March 11, 2020

"The New York State Court System provides essential justice services to the people of the State of New York. As we resume in-person operations Statewide to include non-essential matters, all essential functions of the courts remain available to ensure that New Yorkers may access the justice system during this extremely challenging time."
- Chief Judge DiFiore

If you have specific questions about your juror service, a case already in court, or you need to start a court case, call: the Coronavirus Telephone Hotline: 833-503-0447.

If you have been summoned for juror service or are serving on a jury, please see the notice from the Commissioner of Jurors regarding coronavirus and the flu.

TEMPORARY ORDERS OF PROTECTION issued in any court of the New York State Unified Court System which were due to expire on or after March 19, 2020 have been extended and are considered still in effect until parties are otherwise notified.  If you have had an Order of Protection issued against you and it expired on or after March 19, it is still in effect until you are otherwise notified and you must continue to obey all conditions of that Order .

Parties will be advised of rescheduled Court dates when normal court business resumes.

Questions about the status of a particular case should be made to the court, at telephone numbers listed at the Court Locator. However, please be advised that, during this health emergency, communications may sometimes be difficult.