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Foreclosure Department


360 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Foreclosure Pre-Settlement (FPS)
Room 955, Phone: 347-401-9311

Foreclosure Settlement Conference Part A (FSCA)

Foreclosure Shadow Inventory Conference (FSIC)
Room 361, Phone: 347-401-9124

Forclosure Screening Settlement Part (FSSP)
Room 365, Phone: 347-296-1741

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Sample Forms

Revised October 1, 2012

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Order of Reference

Judgment of Foreclosure & Sale (revised October 2014)

Order to Appoint Receiver

Surplus Money Order

Distribution of Surplus Monies Order

Deficiency Judgment Order

Foreclosure RJI - Settlement Conference (fillable PDF)
Foreclosure RJI Addendum

Additional Resources

General Foreclosure Rules

Foreclosure Settlement Part Rules

Auction Rules


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