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Interviews and Commentary

The “Amici” podcast series was created to share information and insight from New York’s judges and the Unified Court System with constituents, stakeholders and anyone else who might have an interest in these topics.

In these brief programs you’ll find:

  • Interviews with judges and other participants in the justice system
  • Commentary on current issues of interest to the bench, bar and public

Just click on a title and your computer's audio player should automatically begin the program. Additionally, using your mouse, you can ‘right click' on podcast titles, save them to your desktop or other file and import them to your MP3 player.

Additionally, Amici is now available through the iTunes library. iTunes users can Subscribe to our Podcasts to keep current. Non iTunes users can subscribe by adding this URL to their RSS reader:

If you have a suggestion for a topic on Amici, call John Caher at 518-453-8669 or send him a note at


Audio Podcasts:

  • Justice Brian D. Burns: Drug Treatment Courts in Otsego County -- and Dublin, Ireland 4/16/18
  • Basements, Attics and Bowels of the Court System: The Adventures of Chief Records Officer and Chief Law Librarian Geof Huth 2/14/18 New York Legal Landmarks: A Chat with Author Robert Pigott 2/9/18
  • Justice Raja Rajeswari: The Inspiring Story of a Third World Immigrant Who Rose to the Judiciary 1/8/18
  • Justice Richard B. Lowe III: Reflections from the Outgoing Chair of the FHW Judicial Commission 12/18/17
  • Justice Initiatives: A Chat with Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Edwina G. Mendelson 11/13/17
  • U-CAN: A Unique Mentoring Program Created by Cohoes Judge Andra Ackerman 10/23/17
  • A Chat with Judicial Pioneer Betty Weinberg Ellerin 7/5/17
  • Remembering Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam: A. Gail Prudenti and Vincent Bonventre on Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter 4/17/17
  • Pioneering Women Judges of the Third Judicial District: Hon. Debra Young 4/3/17
  • Pioneering Women Judges of the Third Judicial District: Hon. Mary Work 3/29/17
  • Pioneering Women Judges of the Third Judicial District: Hon. Beverly Cipollo Tobin 4/24/17
  • Pioneering Women Judges of the Third Judicial District: Cathryn Doyle 3/20/17
  • Pioneering Women Judges of the Third Judicial District: Hon. Mae D'Agostino 3/17/17
  • Pioneering Women Judges of the Third Judicial District: Hon. Helena Heath 3/13/17
  • Pioneering Women Judges of the Third Judicial District: Hon. Victoria Graffeo 3/10/17
  • Pioneering Women Judges of the Third Judicial District: Hon. Rachel Kretser 3/6/17
  • Pioneering Women Judges of the Third Judicial District: Hon. Karen Peters 3/3/17
  • Building Bridges: A Conversation with Justice Marcy Kahn, chair of the New York Tribal Courts Committee 1/25/17
  • Chief Judge DiFiore's LGBT Commission: A chat with the co-chairs, Justices Elizabeth Garry and Marcy Kahn 1/10/17
  • Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye: A Conversation with her daughter, Luisa Kaye 12/2/16
  • Language Access and Domestic Violence: An Interview with Joanne Macri of ILS Judicial Ethics: A Conversation with Hon. George D. Marlow Bad Apples: Judges Rosenblatt & Obus on Organized Crime
  • Bird's Eye View: Speaking with Legislative Counsel Marc Bloustein Human Trafficking: A Law Enforcement Perspective
  • Human Trafficking: A Judicial Perspective Human Trafficking: An Upstate Perspective: Interview with Susan Arbettor on Capitol Pressroom
  • Hon. A. Gail Prudent: Justice for Children and Families
  • Hon. Robert T. Russell: Founder of the Veteran's Treatment Court Hon. Deborah A. Kaplan: Statewide Coordinating Judge for Family Violence Cases
  • Hon. Juanita Bing Newton: Providing a "head start" for incoming law students through "LEO" 3/10/16
  • Justice Richard B. Lowe III: Chairman, Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission 2/19/16
  • Chief Judge Janet DiFiore Investiture Ceremony 2/26/16
  • A Conversation with State Reporter William J. Hooks--a name that graces the spine of the New York Reports
  • Remembering Chief Judge Kaye: Hank Greenberg shares his thoughts with Susan Arbetter on Capitol Pressroom
  • Implicit Bias: Introductory remarks of Prof. Rachel Godsil at a June consortium sponsored by the Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission 1/5/16
  • Then-Chief Judge Lippman: "Exit" interview with Susan Arbetter of Capitol Pressroom 12/10/15 Daniel M. Weitz: Statewide Coordinator of Alternative Dispute Resolution 11/23/15
  • Justice Fernando Camacho: An Epiphany on Human Trafficking 11/12/15
  • Judge Jasen Retirement: Audio of Judge Matthew J. Jasen's 1985 retirement from the Court of Appeals
  • Then-Chief Judge Lippman: Bringing Hope to the Hopeless (opening remarks at human trafficking summit) 11/5/15
  • Marilyn Marcus: The Historical Society of the New York Courts 11/13/15
  • Hon. Rachel Kretser: The Link Between Animal Cruelty and Domestic Violence 8/19/15
  • Anne Milgram: Human Trafficking 10/28/15
  • Hon. Juanita Bing Newton on NYS Judicial Institute
  • A Historical Perspective on the Commercial Division
  • Hon. Barry Cozier: Attorney Discipline
  • Hon. Fern Fisher: Deputy Chief Administrative Judge
  • Greg Berman: Center for Court Innovation 11/17/15
  • Then-Chief Judge Lippman: Moving Mountains
  • Choosing the Next Chief Judge: Judith S. Kaye on the Commission on Judicial Nomination
  • Commercial Division: An interview with Advisory Committee Chair Robert L. Haig
  • E-filing: Jeff Carucci explains what it is, how it works
  • Court Interpreting Services: Insight from Sandra Bryan
  • Pro Bono Scholars: A Welcome by Chief Judge Lippman
  • Uniform Bar Exam: An Interview with Diane Bosse
  • Indigent Legal Services: A Discussion with William Leahy
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