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List of Working Papers


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Author Titles
Jane Aiken & Stephen Wizner Teaching and Doing: The Role of Law School Clinics in Enhancing Access to Justice
Susan C. Antos 1) Public Benefits: Statutory Application Delays & Medicaid

2) Child Support Arrears
Deborah N. Archer & Kele S. Williams Making America “The Land of Second Chances”: Restoring Economic Rights for Ex-Offenders
Honorable Phylis Skloot Bamberger 1) Article 6C of the Correction Law: Sex Offender Registration Act – Consequences of Conviction

2) Fees and Surcharges: Consequences of a Conviction

3) Federal Enhancements: Consequences of a Conviction
Catherine A. Christian Awareness of Collateral Consequences: The Role of the Prosecutor
Rochelle Klempner Unbundled Legal Services In Litigated Matters In New York State: A Proposal To Test the Efficacy through Law School Clinics
Randy Hertz (Editor) 1) Introduction to Clinical Legal Education by Margaret Martin Barry, Jon Dubin and Peter Joy

2) Background Information about Offender Re-Entry and the Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions by Michael Pinard and Anthony Thompson
Brooks Holland Holistic Advocacy: An Important But Limited Institutional Role
Laura Johnson Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions: Do We Mean What We Do?
Florian Miedel Increasing Awareness of Collateral Consequences Among Participants of the Criminal Justice System: Is Education Enough?
Barbara Mule & Michael Yavinsky Saving One’s Home: Collateral Consequences for Innocent Family Members
Norman L. Reimer The Role of the Organized Bar in Building Bridges Between Practicing Attorneys and Law Schools: An Essay on the Prospects of Collaboration Between Law Schools and the Bar to Advance Social Justice
Andrew Scherer The Importance of Collaborating to Secure a Civil Right to Counsel
Robin Steinberg Beyond Lawyering: How Holistic Representation Makes for Good Policy, Better Lawyers and More Satisfied Clients
Manuel D. Vargas Working Paper on Immigration Consequences of Guilty Pleas or Convictions in New York Courts