Missed Mortgage Payments

If you miss mortgage payments, you can be called “delinquent” or in “default” on the mortgage. The mortgage holder, often the bank, will start contacting you to know when you can pay. If you have fallen behind 1 to 2 months in payment, the mortgage holder will tell you that they will start the foreclosure process for your home. You will get a 90 Day Pre-Foreclosure Notice in the mail. You will have a chance to get help and try to recover before a court case is started.

It is a good idea to contact free or low-cost government approved foreclosure avoidance counselors who can help you assess your finances and work with the mortgage lender to avoid foreclosure. Visit Foreclosure Avoidance Counseling. Important! Beware of Loan Modification scammers. If you are asked to pay money up front in exchange for a loan modification, you may be dealing with an illegal modification company. Visit the links listed on Foreclosure Resources to find free qualified foreclosure help from a trusted source.

Don’t ignore mail from the mortgage lender. The further behind you fall in payments the harder it is to recover.


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