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Small Claims Forms

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The forms can be filled in on the computer. Either use your mouse or the tab key on your keyboard to place the cursor where you want to fill in information. When you are finished, you can print your completed form. Or, you may print out a blank form and fill it in by hand. The form cannot be filed electronically.

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Starting a Case

Instructions for Filing a Small Claims/Commercial Claims Action (CIV-SC-66) (only for non-New York City residents suing New York City residents)
Statement of Claim (Small Claims) (CIV-SC-50)
Demand Letter (UCS-124) (for a consumer credit transaction case)
Statement of Claim (Commercial Claims) (CIV-SC-70)
Instructions For Filing Actions Against the City of New York, the State of New York, the United States of America (CIV-SC-25)

Small Claims Form Instructions:
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Written Transcript
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Appeals (cannot be used after Arbitration)

Notice of Appeal (CIV-GP-67A)
Notice of Transmittal of Transcript (CIV-GP-42)
Notice of Settlement of Transcript (CIV-GP-42A)
Affidavit in Support of an Application to Proceed as a Poor Person Authorizing the State to Pay the Costs for the Production of a Stenographic Transcript (CIV-GP-16)

Motions and Orders to Show Cause

Affidavit in Support (CIV-GP-121)
Reply Affidavit (CIV-GP-123)
Affidavit in Opposition (CIV-GP-122)
Notice of Motion (CIV-GP-124)
Notice of Cross-Motion (CIV-GP-125)
Affidavit in Support of an Order to Show Cause (CIV-GP-13)
Affidavit of Service of Order to Show Cause and Affidavit in Support (CIV-GP-19)
Affidavit of Service by Mail (CIV-GP-11)
Instructions for Service of an Order to Show Cause (CIV-GP-65)


Stipulation of Settlement (CIV-GP-32-I)Stipulation of Settlement and Affidavit Upon Default (CIV-GP-31)


Affidavit Pursuant to CCA Section 1811(d) Upon Payment of Judgment (CIV-SC-93)
fidavit of Compliance with the Insurance Law (CIV-GP-74-B)
Notice of Service on an "Unauthorized Insurer" (CIV-GP-74-A)
Service Instructions and Affidavit of Service Requirements Regarding Section 253 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law (CIV-GP-73A)
Affidavit of Compliance with VTL 253 (CIV-GP-73)
General Information Regarding Service on the State Insurance Department (CIV-GP-72)
Information Subpoena and Affidavit of Service with Instructions (CIV-SC-63) Poor Person's Relief (CIV-GP-15)
Instructions for Service of a Restraining Notice (CIV-SC-57)
Affidavit of Service of Restraining Notice (CIV-SC-58)
Questions in Connection with an Information Subpoena (CIV-SC-61)



















































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