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Housing: Getting Ready for NYC Housing Court
- Tenants’ Right to a Lawyer
- Services at the Court
- Your First Day in Court – the Resolution Part
- Definitions of Common Legal Words You’ll Hear in Court
- Free Resources on the Housing Court Website


(These videos are also available for viewing in the Help Center)

These videos were written, filmed and produced by court personnel or volunteers from the Landlord Tenant Bar.
- The Resolution Part
- Getting Repairs and Services
- Collecting Rent

Small Claims:
- Small Claims Form Instructions Video
- Small Claims Form Instructions Written Transcript


- How To Try or Defend A Civil Case When You Don't Have A Lawyer

- How To Prepare For A Landlord-Tenant Trial 
- New York City Landlords & Owners: Questions and Answers about Housing Court
- New York City Tenants: Questions & Answers About Housing Court
- GAL Litigant Brochure
- GAL Information Sheet for Landlords

Small Claims:
- Small Claims Booklet

Civil Court Reports:
- Housing Initiative of 1997, "Breaking New Ground"
- Annual Review of the Housing Initiative 1998
- Civil Court of the City of New York 1997 - 2006

- Volunteer Lawyer for a Day Project Report, February 2008

- Coloring Book
- Help Center Brochure

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Community Seminars

- Pet Evictions
- Bedbugs
- Bankruptcy
- Paternity & Child Support
- Do You Need an Order of Protection?
- My Tenant Owes Me Rent
- Foreclosure
- Help! My Landlord Says I'm a Nuisance!
- Help! My Landlord Wants to Evict Me!
- Defenses to a Non-Payment Proceeding
- What To Do If You've Been Evicted
- How to Start a Small Claims Case
- Tenants' Rights & Responsibilities
- Section 8 - Everything you Wanted to Know!
- Credit problems?
- Identity Theft
- Need Help Paying Back Rent?
- Landlord 101
- Need Repairs

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