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(These videos are also available for viewing in the Help Center)

- The Resolution Part
- Getting Repairs and Services
- Collecting Rent

All three videos were written, filmed and produced by court personnel or volunteers from the Landlord Tenant Bar.

Small Claims:
- Small Claims Form Instructions Video
- Small Claims Form Instructions Written Transcript


- How To Try or Defend A Civil Case When You Don't Have A Lawyer

- How To Prepare For A Landlord-Tenant Trial 
- New York City Landlords & Owners: Questions and Answers about Housing Court
- New York City Tenants: Questions & Answers About Housing Court
- GAL Litigant Brochure
- GAL Information Sheet for Landlords

Small Claims:
- Small Claims Booklet

Civil Court Reports:
- Housing Initiative of 1997, "Breaking New Ground"
- Annual Review of the Housing Initiative 1998
- Civil Court of the City of New York 1997 - 2006

- Volunteer Lawyer for a Day Project Report
February 2008

- Coloring Book
- Help Center Brochure

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Community Seminars

- Pet Evictions
- Bedbugs
- Bankruptcy
- Paternity & Child Support
- Do You Need an Order of Protection?
- My Tenant Owes Me Rent
- Foreclosure
- Help! My Landlord Says I'm a Nuisance!
- Help! My Landlord Wants to Evict Me!
- Defenses to a Non-Payment Proceeding
- What To Do If You've Been Evicted
- How to Start a Small Claims Case
- Tenants' Rights & Responsibilities
- Section 8 - Everything you Wanted to Know!
- Credit problems?
- Identity Theft
- Need Help Paying Back Rent?
- Landlord 101
- Need Repairs




























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