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Welcome to the Office of the Inspector General Homepage. The Office is responsible for the investigation and elimination of infractions of disciplinary standards, criminal activities, conflicts of interest, misconduct, misfeasance and incompetence on the part of nonjudicial employees of the UCS, and persons or corporations doing business with the UCS, with respect to their dealings with the courts.

For these purposes, the Inspector General receives complaints and information from the public and other sources about nonjudicial employees and takes appropriate action on such complaints; undertakes investigations or studies of the functions, accounts, personnel or efficiency of any court unit and acts as liaison with federal, state and local law enforcement and regulatory agencies on matters that fall within the scope of these responsibilities.

In accordance with the Anti-Fraud Policy, suspected or detected fraud or irregularities should be reported to the Office of the Inspector General. The Office will review and investigate allegations in accordance with this policy.

There are two specialized units within the Office of the Inspector General:

Office of the Managing Inspector General for Bias Matters, which investigates allegations of bias based upon race, sex (including sexual harassment), sexual orientation, gender identity, domestic violence status, prior criminal record (in certain circumstances), age, marital status, disability, national origin or religion that affect the workplace or the terms and conditions of employment of UCS personnel, including acts that relate to services provided by court system personnel to the public.

Office of the Managing Inspector General for Fiduciary Appointments, which investigates allegations of unsatisfactory performance, or conduct incompatible with appointment on the part of individuals who have applied to be eligible for appointment by the court as a fiduciary. The categories of appointment include, but are not limited to: guardians, guardians ad litem, receivers, referees, and law guardians.

Inspector General, Sherrill SpatzInspector General
Sherrill Spatz
Phone: 646-386-3500
Fax: 212-514-7158




Deputy Inspector General
Carol Hamm

Managing Inspector General for Bias Matters
Kay-Ann Porter Campbell

Managing Inspector General for Fiduciary Appointments
Elizabeth Candreva