Opinion 22-103

Short-Form Opinion

June 30, 2022


Question:          You ask if you may serve on the steering committee of a compensation fund for certain defined categories of victims and/or survivors of a recent high profile attack that took place on the premises of your outside employer. You have explained that the steering committee, which will consist of “local civic, business, faith and community leaders,” will have no involvement in raising funds, but only in determining eligibility and making distributions of the funds raised by others.


Discussion:        Although a judge may not personally solicit funds, we have advised that a judge may help determine the distribution of charitable funds. As described, the steering committee is not likely to be engaged in proceedings before your court and will not involve you in any fund-raising efforts. We see no other prohibitions applicable to you as a part-time judge on the facts presented.


Therefore, you may serve as a member of the steering committee of the compensation fund.

Enclosed:          Opinions 20-77; 20-47; 12-108; 07-81; 95-126.