Since 2010 the Society has funded a series of grants to Bard High School Early College for the development and teaching of courses and lessons on legal history. The lesson plans, curricula and materials developed through these grants are then made available to educators here.

Legal materials can illuminate fascinating aspects of our history, creating detailed records that depict major social events, small personal conflicts and everything in between. Frequently, two sides of an important conflict are pitted directly against each other, but they can be hard to teach as they use obscure terminology; are organized illogically; and sometimes only lead to further questions. It was with these difficulties in mind that the Society set out to create lessons that would help educators teach these materials in their classes! We have compiled them here for your use; click on the headings at left to find syllabi, lesson plans, and course resources.

If you have used any of these materials in your classroom, we are interested in hearing your feedback. How did you adapt our resources to meet the needs of your classroom? What activities worked for you? What activities didn't work? We invite you to email us at the Historical Society of the New York Courts.

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