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FORMS - RJI Forms (Request for Judicial Intervention)

The Unified Court System has promulgated a Request for Judicial Intervention form and addenda for use in civil practice in the Supreme and County Courts. The forms include the RJI itself (UCS-840), a general addendum (UCS-840A), and specialized addenda for Commercial Division (UCS-840C), foreclosure (UCS-840F), and matrimonial matters (UCS-840M). Additionally, there is an Uncontested Matrimonial RJI (UD-13), which is an abbreviated version of the form used exclusively in uncontested divorce matters.

RJI forms are provided in both plain and fillable document formats. Please note that fillable forms may have a slightly different appearance due to the use of form fields and controls (i.e., drop-down menus, radio buttons, etc.). However, there are no substantive differences in form content.


Title Fillable PDF PDF
Main Form (UCS-840) PDF PDF
General Addendum (UCS-840A) (when additional space for information is required) PDF PDF
Commercial Division Addendum (UCS-840C) PDF PDF
Foreclosure Addendum (UCS-840F) PDF PDF
Matrimonial Addendum (UCS-840M) PDF PDF
Partition Addendum (UCS-840P) PDF PDF
Uncontested Matrimonial RJI (UD-13) PDF PDF
Explanation of Revisions   PDF


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