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  June 5, 2018    
  No. 58 Matter of People v Conrado Juarez; Frances Robles Webcast Transcript
  No. 35 People v Lawrence Parker
No. 36 People v Mark Nonni
Webcast Transcript
  No. 37 People v William Morrison Webcast Transcript
  June 6, 2018    
  No. 78 People v Steven Myer Webcast Transcript
  No. 64 Garcia v New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Webcast Transcript
  No. 79 Ambac Assurance Corporation v Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. Webcast Transcript
  No. 80 Stega v New York Downtown Hospital Webcast Transcript
  June 7, 2018    
  No. 81 West Midtown Management Group, Inc. v State of New York, Department of Health, Office of the Medicaid Inspector General Webcast Transcript
  No. 82 Matter of Waite v Town of Champion


  No. 83 People v William Harris Webcast Transcript
  No. 77 Matter of Anonymous v Molik Webcast Transcript