Violation of an Order of Protection

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It is a crime called criminal contempt to disobey a temporary or final Order of Protection. This is called a violation of the Order of Protection. Depending on the facts, an abuser can go to jail for up to 7 years if convicted of criminal contempt.

Call the police, 911, if your abuser violated the Order of Protection. The police must arrest if there is reasonable cause that the Order of Protection was violated. If another crime was committed while the Order of Protection was being violated, additional charges may be filed.

Note: The abuser does not have to hit you to violate the order. If the abuser comes to your home and the order says the abuser can’t do that, you can call the police.

Read about “mandatory arrests.”

If it is a Family Court Order of Protection, you can also file a Violation Petition in the Family Court. Filing a Violation Petition in Family Court does not usually end in an arrest of the abuser. You can choose to go to Family Court or call the police, or both.

Always keep your Order of Protection with you. If you can’t find your copy, get one from the District Attorney’s Office. The police can also tell if an Order of Protection exists.

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