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2018 Press Release for 1st J.D. (Manhattan)

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2017 Press Release for 1st J.D. (Manhattan)

2017 Press Release for 12th J.D. (Bronx)

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2016 Press Release for 12th J.D. (Bronx)

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2014 Press Release for 12th J.D. (Bronx)

In February 2007, Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye, and then Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman announced the members of the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commissions (IJEQC) for the twelve judicial districts in New York State. The voluntary statewide screening process for evaluating judicial candidates was approved by the New York State Court of Appeals following a recommendation of the Commission to Promote Public Confidence in Judicial Elections, chaired by John Feerick, the former Dean of Fordham University School of Law and then Chair of the Commission on Government Integrity. The Commissions in New York City review the qualifications of judicial candidates seeking election to Supreme, Surrogate’s and New York City Civil Courts.

The criteria for evaluation under Part 150 of the Rules of the Chief Administrative Judge include “professional ability; character, independence and integrity; reputation for fairness and lack of bias; and temperament, including courtesy and patience.” The guidelines and procedures for the Commissions, including the information to be provided by each candidate, are set forth in Appendix A to Part 150.

Each Commission consists of fifteen members, including attorneys and lay people, selected by the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, the Presiding Justices of each Appellate Division, the State Bar Association and local bar associations, and represents a cross-section of the community in each district. Two Commissions have been established to review the qualifications of candidates for judicial office in the First Department, one each for the First Judicial District (New York County) and the Twelfth Judicial District (Bronx County)(See List of Commission Members).

Candidates who wish to have their qualifications reviewed by one of the Commissions in the First Department must submit an original and 15 copies of the completed Questionnaireback to top to Rachell Roffe, Director, IJEQC, 41 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010. In addition, please submit an original release for the Commission on Judicial Conductback to top and/or the Grievance Committeesback to top, as appropriate. (Please see the Instructions.back to top) The deadline for applications for the 12th J.D. is May 22, 2018. The deadline for applications for the 1st J.D. is May 22, 2018.

The Commissions for the First and Twelfth Judicial Districts have completed their review of candidates for judicial vacancies in each District and published the list of candidates who were found "Highly Qualified,"“Qualified” and candidates who were not found "Qualified" for the 2016 election.

All individuals seeking state-paid elective office are required to complete mandatory Judicial Campaign Ethics Training (referred to in Question 16 of the Questionnaire).

If you have not yet completed the Ethics Training for this election year, please contact the Judicial Campaign Ethics Center at 1-888-600-5232 to register. The program will be offered four times in an interactive live/simulcast format. If you cannot attend one of these live or simulcast sessions, you may request a copy of the training program on CD-ROM.

For further information, please contact the Center by telephone (1-888-600-5232) or email (contact, or visit our web site (

For further information contact Rachell Roffe at (212) 340-0572 or e-mail

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