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The Historical Society of the New York Courts has launched its new web site!

The New Society Homepage

Visitors to the Society's new website will find an easy and informative way to access a large store of information about New York's rich legal history legacy in formats that have been carefully curated for the convenience of its visitors and with an eye to providing a historical sense of the movement of our body of laws, courts, judges and lawyers through the decades, since the colonization of New York by the Dutch in 1625.

screenshot of the History Society Website

The newly created content found in New York Legal History contains many opportunities to learn about and enjoy our amazing past. We invite you to explore.

  • The Bench & the Bar contains in-depth biographical information on New York's judges
  • Legal History By Era (under construction): will explore the leading cases, figures and significant events about the periods of our past. One such slice of time, New York Under English Rule 1674-1776, is completed and available for viewing.
  • The Rule of Law (under construction) will provide information on our important documents; the roles of judges, lawyers, juries, and the press; and the continuing importance of the Rule of Law, in thoughtful and provocative ways. Charter & Constitutions is now available for viewing here.
  • Oral Histories We are presently compiling the oral histories of leading judges and lawyers and plan to make transcripts available in the coming years.
  • Courthouse Design an opportunity to explore the beauty and functionality of our courthouses around the State. This too is a work-in-progress.

The new Academic Center is intended to provide materials to students and educators. It presents content that has been developed in connection with the Society's collaboration with educators. It also showcases the Society's annual David A. Garfinkel Essay Contest available to CUNY & SUNY community college students.

About the Society provides information about the Historical Society of the New York Courts, and Programs & Publications showcases in wonderful formats our calendars, journal, and books published over the years. It also contains content on all of the Society's programs presented to the public over the years, including, in most cases, webcasts that can be easily viewed. We hope you will explore and thoroughly enjoy this section.

We hope you enjoy visiting the site and will return often. We invite suggestions for adding materials and images, and hope this will be an interactive and ongoing project.

Marilyn Marcus, Executive Director


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