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Johnson reports
2d series

1804 Supreme Court of Judicature authorized to appoint reporter; official publication begins.
1847 New Court of Appeals authorized to appoint "State Reporter"; First Series of New York Reports begins.
1869 Reorganized Supreme Court authorized to appoint reporter; Supreme Court Reports begin.
1892 Office of Miscellaneous Reporter created; Miscellaneous Reports begin.
1896 Appellate Division Reports begin, supplanting Supreme Court Reports.
1917 Board of Reporters created; chaired by State Reporter.
1938 Law Reporting Bureau created pursuant to 1925 amendment to New York Constitution; State Reporter assumes responsibility for Appellate Division and Miscellaneous Reports.
1956 Second Series begins; Style Manual adopted.
1988 Statute authorizes reports to be issued "in any medium or format."
1992-2003 Reports published in CD-ROM and on-line formats.
Third Series begins.

1st series
3d series

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