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3d Series spine At the dawn of the third century of official law reporting in New York State, a Third Series of the New York Official Reports was introduced in January 2004. The Second Series, introduced in 1956, had served the bench and bar well for nearly 50 years, but was not designed for the modern era of electronic production techniques and distribution media. Therefore, in the Third Series, the Official Reports have been redesigned in all media to take advantage of the attributes of each medium in a manner consistent with valued traditional attributes. Content has been expanded to include previously unpublished materials; the format and arrangement of materials have been enhanced for greater clarity and improved utility; and the physical appearance of the bound volumes and advance sheets has been modernized. Print and electronic materials have been integrated, and research references to online materials have been added.
     A new interim bound volume for the New York Reports has been provided to facilitate researching Court of Appeals opinions; headnotes and Digest classifications have been integrated with Appellate Division memorandum decisions for greater ease of use; and the coverage of the Miscellaneous Reports has been expanded to include all Appellate Term opinions, which will be reported either in full or abstracted form.
     Like the nominative reports and the First and Second Series that preceded it, the Third Series of the New York Official Reports will continue to serve the bench, bar, and citizenry by providing a faithful rendering of the decisions of the courts of the State of New York.
3d Series advance sheet
3d Series cumulative supplement

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