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Benchmarks: Journal of the New York State Unified Court System

Spring 2007

Did You Know?

Which former delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 disappeared without a trace?

John Lansing Jr., a former mayor of Albany and former chief justice of the New York State Supreme Court, disappeared after leaving a Manhattan hotel to mail a letter on Dec. 12, 1829. It is believed that he either drowned or was murdered. A cenotaph, or empty tomb, was built at Albany Rural Cemetery. Lansing, along with Robert Yates and Alexander Hamilton, represented New York as delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787, which resulted in the adoption of the U.S. Constitution and the formation of the United States of America. Lansing and Yates thought a strong central government would threaten New York’s autonomy, and they walked out of the convention, never signing the Constitution.

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