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Benchmarks: Journal of the New York State Unified Court System

Summer 2006

Program Highlights

In addition to updates and reviews of all core subjects, new programs include a discussion of immigration issues in criminal cases; the role of the law guardian and forensic expert in custody cases; and methods for improving case management for divorcing families (Matrimonial Commission recommendations).
June 21 and 22: Rochester
June 27 and 28: Albany
July 11 and 12: Uniondale, Long Island
July 19 and 20: Judicial Institute
July 24 and 25: Judicial Institute
July 26 and 27: Uniondale, Long Island

JULY 13, 2006
Training for Court Attorney-Referees

This legal training for all Family Court referees (court attorney-referees) focuses on recent changes in permanency law. There is also an update on core subjects.

JULY 19-20, 2006
Training for Newly Appointed Support Magistrate
This two-day training for all newly appointed support magistrates covers legal and procedural aspects of the position. The program also focuses on computer training on the UCMS support module whose use is mandatory for new magistrates.

JULY 28 & SEPTEMBER 19, 2006
Ethics Training for Judicial Candidates

All candidates for elected judicial office except town and village justices are required to attend this one-day training session, which includes a panel discussion of ethical issues faced by judicial candidates led by Appellate Division Justice George Marlow, co-chair of the Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics. The program will be simulcast to over 20 court locations. For further information, go to: http://nycourts.gov/ip/jcec/.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2006
Domestic Violence Training for Judges

Liberty Aldrich, Director of Domestic Violence and Family Court Programs at the Center for Court Innovation, will conduct a training session on the many issues facing judges who preside over domestic violence cases.

OCTOBER 4-6, 2006
Juvenile Drug Court Training

This training explores an innovative approach to dealing with troubled youth in the Family Court system. Many courts in the adult criminal justice system address a defendant’s drug problems; this training focuses on the unique issues facing those youths with the same problems who are repeatedly brought before the Family Court on delinquency or PINS charges. Judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation officers and others have been invited to this program, which will provide them with the tools needed to start a juvenile drug court.

NOVEMBER 1-2, 2006
An Examination of Complex Evidence in Cutting-Edge Science and Technology Cases

Technology is proliferating faster than society can adjust. Molecular biology, nanotechnology, stem cell research and other scientific endeavors threaten to disrupt existing social and legal dynamics. This two-day program covers what we know and provides a window into the science of tomorrow in order to anticipate how our legal system can prepare to meet the demands of a brave new world. Faculty include professors from medical schools and research institutes around the country. Topics include court-ordered genetic tests; introduction to behavioral genetics; stem cell biology; sentencing an individual to behavioral control treatment; and shaken baby homicide.

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