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Benchmarks: Journal of the New York State Unified Court System


photo of Chief Administrative Judge Johathan LippmanWelcome to the first issue of Benchmarks, the quarterly journal of the Unified Court System.

The New York State court system is one of the world's largest, busiest and most complex. It includes 11 different trial courts and more than 1,200 state-paid judges, 2,000 town and village justices and 15,000 nonjudicial staff. In every corner of the State, judges, courtroom and back-office staff, as well as administrative employees, work daily - and sometimes nightly as well - to ensure that justice is dispensed fairly and effectively. Under the leadership of Chief Judge Judith Kaye, many initiatives have been introduced that apply innovative, comprehensive approaches to issues that were unheard of and unimaginable just several generations ago, in order to produce more durable resolutions. At the same time, new approaches and solutions have sprung up locally, changing the way the courts work in a particular community for the better- better for the public and better for the courts.

So many new and interesting things are going on in our courts, but the truth is that those who work in the system don't know enough about them or about each other - what we do and who we are, what's happening perhaps just in the next county or the next court, let alone many hundreds of miles away.

Beginning with this first issue of Benchmarks we hope to change that. The goal of our quarterly journal is to better connect our vast court family, to chronicle what's happening every day in communities large and small to advance the ideal and reality of justice. Benchmarks is also a way to connect us to other state courts, whose newsletters we've been reading for years, learning about the latest developments elsewhere in the country.

We hope that with each issue you will discover something new and come away with a better understanding and appreciation of the many individuals who contribute in so many different capacities to make the Unified Court System work.

To those of you who put in so many hours producing this first issue, thank you and congratulations on a job well done.

Judge Lippman's Signature

Spring/Summer 2005PDF Format
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