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Benchmarks: Journal of the New York State Unified Court System


Law Day
In conjunction with Law Day, the ABA American Jury Initiative developed Juror Appreciation kits, including bookmarks and posters. For more information about this and other jury-related resources, go to: www.abanet.org/jury.
Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye stood on the steps of the Court of Appeals on April 29 to celebrate Law Day 2005, proclaiming it "an occasion for rededication to the strength of this great country - our rule of law."

Conceived by the American Bar Association, Law Day has been celebrated throughout the nation since 1958, in recognition of the importance of the rule of law in our society. This year's Law Day theme was "The American Jury: We the People in Action." Typically celebrated on a single day, this year there was a week-long series of town hall meetings about jury reform.

"We bring about 650,000 New Yorkers to serve as jurors to assist in the delivery of justice," said Judge Kaye. "For too many people getting a jury summons in the mail ranks above, slightly above, a tax audit or a root canal. When more people are there to serve, the burden becomes lighter for everybody, and the array of potential jurors becomes more diverse, as it should be."

Judge Kaye was joined at the celebration by New York State Lt. Gov. Mary O. Donohue, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman, New York State Bar Association President Kenneth G. Standard and the associate judges of the Court of Appeals.

Judge Kaye said she was wearing a blouse first worn on Law Day 2001, when an award for heroism was given to Senior Court Officer Mitchel Wallace, who, along with Capt. William Harry Thompson and Senior Court Officer Thomas Jurgens, would perish just months later while helping people at the World Trade Center on September 11. Judge Kaye told the crowd that in their honor, the blouse is now worn only on Law Day.

Immediately following the Law Day speeches, the first town hall meeting was held at the Court of Appeals. Led by Mark Zauderer, chair of the Commission on the Jury, the meeting brought together representatives from the courts and the community to discuss and increase awareness of the importance of jury service. Town hall meetings were held the following week in Syracuse, Buffalo, Central Islip and New York City.

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