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Date: October 13,1998

Seal of the Unified Court System
Court System Creates New Office to Investigate Allegations of Discrimination within the Courts
NEW YORK - Seeking to ensure a bias-free workplace, the Unified Court System has created the Office of the Special Inspector General for Bias Matters to investigate claims of discrimination by employees and other court users. The new office will handle complaints of bias based on race, sex (including sexual harassment), sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, national origin or religion, and develop a volunteer alternative dispute resolution program where appropriate bias-related issues can be mediated with a trained professional.

The new office will be headed by Carol Robles-Román, who brings extensive experience to the position as the former Executive Assistant to the Deputy Chief Administrative Judge and a New York State Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Bureau. A graduate of New York University School of Law and Fordham University, Ms. Robles-Román serves on the New York State Judicial Committee on Women and the Courts and was on the Board of Directors for the Puerto Rican Bar Association until this year.

The Special Inspector General's Office will complement and support the work of the court system's Workforce Diversity Office (formerly known as the EEO Office), headed by Alice Chapman. The Workforce Diversity Office will continue to oversee implementation of the court system's Workforce Diversity Program, undertaking expanded outreach efforts and providing greater technical support to the courts.

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