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Release: Immediate, April 1, 1998

Commercial Division Justices' Decisions

To Be Made Available on the Internet

NEW YORK--The Commercial Division of the State Supreme Court, located in Manhattan and Rochester, has begun posting its most significant decisions on the Internet and publishing a newsletter summarizing the decisions. The newsletter, The Commercial Division Law Report, will be published five times a year on the Internet. Each issue of The Law Report will cover roughly two months of decisions at a time and have embedded links that allow users to access interactively the full text of all the decisions summarized.

The Law Report for March 1998, covering decisions issued in January and February, is currently available on the homepage of the Unified Court System at http://ucs.ljx.com. It also has been placed on the homepage of the Commercial and Federal Litigation Section of the New York State Bar Association at http://www.nysba.org/sections/comfed.

Administrative Judge Stephen G. Crane, who oversees the Commercial Division in Manhattan, said, "The Commercial Division handles some of the most significant business litigation taking place in the state. The Law Report will make the very important work product of the Commercial Division promptly and easily available to the Bar and the public. It will make accessible a growing body of decisions rendered by jurists with expertise in this field."

Hon. L. Paul Kehoe, Administrative Judge of the 7th Judicial District, where the Rochester branch of the Commercial Division is located, said about the publication of the electronic newsletter, "With this innovation, the Commercial Division takes another step forward in its continuing effort to provide cost-efficient, convenient, expert and swift justice for all citizens of the state involved in complex commercial litigation."

The Commercial Division Justices in Manhattan are as follows:

Hon. Thomas A. Stander presides over the Commercial Division in Rochester.