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Date: March 12, 2002

Seal of the Unified Court System
Court System Consolidates Investigates Offices
NEW YORK - Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman announced today the consolidation of the Unified Court System's three investigative offices - the Office of Inspector General, the Office of Special Inspector General for Fiduciary Appointments and the Office of the Special Inspector General for Bias Matters. The Office of Inspector General investigates allegations of misconduct within the Unified Court System. The Office of the Special Inspector General for Fiduciary Appointments investigates compliance with court rules governing judicial appointment of guardians, guardians ad litem, receivers, referees and others who assist the courts in resolving cases. The Office of the Inspector General for Bias Matters investigates allegations of work-related bias involving court system employees.

The newly consolidated office will be headed by Sherrill R. Spatz, currently the Special Inspector General for Fiduciary Appointments. Judge Lippman said, "The consolidation of these three offices will provide a more efficient use of the court system's investigative resources. Sherrill Spatz is an experienced professional with a proven track record. She has done an outstanding job during the past two years in regard to the fiduciary appointment process. I know that as the new Inspector General for the Unified Court System she will be a highly effective leader of this newly merged office."
William Gallagher, the current Inspector General, and Desiree Kim, the current Special Inspector General for Bias Matters, will work under Ms. Spatz's direction. In her new role, Ms. Spatz will also continue to work closely with Dennis Donnelly, the Director of the court system's Office of Internal Affairs.