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2015 Press Releases

Date Title

Dec. 29 - Chief Judge Announces New Uniform Attorney Discipline Rules

Dec. 22 - Rule Changes Address A/V Coverage of Court Proceedings

Dec. 16 - Chief Judge Announces Changes to NY’s Admission Rules

Dec. 15 - Chief Judge Announces Adoption of Two New Rules

Dec. 01 - New Chair, Members Named to Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission

Nov. 23 - Chief Judge Announces Launch of “Legal Hand” Centers to Help Close Justice Gap

Oct. 08 - New Administrative Judge Named to NYC Family Court

Oct. 08 - Chief Judge Hosts National Summit on Human Trafficking and the Courts

Oct. 01 - Chief Judge Lippman Announces Bail Reforms

Aug. 10 - New Chair, Vice Chair Named to Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline

Jul. 29 - Hon. Lawrence K. Marks Named Chief Administrative Judge

Jul. 27 - Chief Administrative Judge Prudenti Leaving Her Post to Join Academia

Jul. 22 - Chief Judge Announces Creation of Permanent Commission on Access to Justice, New Rule & Membership Roster

Jun. 30 - Chief Judge Announces Appointments to Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation

Apr. 14 - Chief Judge and NYC Mayor Announce Plan to Modernize Criminal Justice System

Mar. 30 - Chief Judge Names Members of Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline

Mar. 02 - Hon. Peter Moulton Named Administrative Judge, NY County Supreme Court, Civil Term


2014 Press Releases

Date Title
Oct. 21 Chief Administrative Judge Announces Two NYC Criminal Court Appointments
Sept. 16 NY Courts Adopt Rules to Promote Fairness in Consumer Debt Cases
June 10 New Coordinating Judge of Medical Malpractice Program Named
April 30 Chief Judge Announces Reforms to Promote Equal Justice for Consumers in Debt Cases
Mar. 13 Chief Administrative Judge Announces Two Kings County Appointments
Feb. 10 New Administrative Judge Named in Third Judicial District

2013 Press Releases

Date Title
Dec. 17 New Chief of Policy and Planning, New Kings County Administrative Judge Named
Dec. 11 Court System Reports Dramatic Cut in Bronx Felony Case Inventory, Announce Plan to Slash Borough's Misdemeanor Backlog, Name New Bronx Appointment
Dec. 02 New Rule Permits Out-of-State Lawyers Employed as In-House Counsel in NY to Provide Pro Bono Legal Services on Behalf of NY's Needy
Sep. 25 NY Judiciary Launches Nation's First Statewide Human Trafficking Intervention Initiative
July 17 Chief Judge Names Committee to Facilitate Pro Bono Efforts of In-House Counsel in NY
May 28 Chief Judge Names Members of Committee Charged With Examining How Non-Lawyer Advocates Can Help Narrow New York’s Justice Gap
May 01 Chief Judge Announces New Attorney Registration Pro Bono Reporting Requirement
Mar. 26 Chief Judge Names Members of Commercial Division Advisory Council
Feb. 25 Hon. Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick Named Co-Chair of New York State Justice Task Force
Jan. 18 New Administrative Judges Named in New York City, Nassau County and the Third Judicial District

2012 Press Releases

Date Title
Sept. 19 NY First to Adopt Pro Bono Requirement for Bar Admission - Rule
May 22 Chief Judge Names Advisory Committee on Pro Bono Bar Admission Requirements
Apr. 04 Hon. Lawrence K. Marks Named First Deputy Chief Administrative Judge
Jan. 11 Hon. Barry Kamins Named Administrative Judge of NYC Criminal Court

2011 Press Releases

Date Title
Jun. 28 New Rule Governing Assignment of Cases Involving Judicial Campaign Contributors
Mar. 08 New Administrative Judge of Suffolk County Courts Named
Mar. 01 Hon Craig J. Doran Named 7th Judicial District Administrative Judge

2010 Press Releases

Date Title
Dec. 01 Court Leaders Submit Reduced Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2011-2012
Nov. 23 Hon. Douglas McKeon Appointed Administrative Judge for Civil Matters in Twelfth Judicial District
Oct. 28 First of its Kind Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between U.S. State Court and Australian Court
Oct. 25 Attorney Emeritus Program Expanded, Receives “Bright Ideas” Award from Harvard Kennedy School
Oct. 20 New York Courts First in Country to Institute Filing Requirement to Preserve Integrity of Foreclosure Process
Oct. 13 Chief Judge Announces Creation of Permanent Sentencing Commission for New York State
Jul. 23 Chief Judge to Conduct Public Hearings on the Unmet Civil Legal Services Needs of Low-Income New Yorkers
Jun. 9 Task Force to Support Chief Judge's Efforts to Ensure Adequate Legal Representation in Civil Proceedings Involving Fundamental Human Needs
May 18 Chief Judge Lippman Appoints Advisory Council to Foster Pro Bono by New York’s Most Experienced Lawyers
Mar. 30 Hon. Rolando T. Acosta Appointed to Commission on Judicial Conduct
Mar. 16 Court System Study Yields Recommendations to Improve Management of Electronic Discovery
Feb. 23 Statement of the Chief Judge on the Court of Appeals Decision on Judicial Salaries
Feb. 4 Matthew G. Kiernan Named Clerk of the Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department
Feb. 2 New York City Family Court and Administration for Children’s Services Launch Electronic Filing of Abuse and Neglect Petitions
Jan. 19 New York State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman’s Statement on Proposed 2010-11 Judiciary Budget

2009 Press Releases

Date Title
Dec. 2 Hon. Sherry Klein Heitler Appointed Administrative Judge of Manhattan Supreme Court, Civil Term
Nov. 13 Courts and CUNY Law School Partner on Innovative New Pilot Program
Nov. 5 Broad Changes in Merged Bronx Criminal Court Announced Following Release of Five-Year Assessment
Sep. 1 Collaborative Family Law Center to Make Divorce Process Easier New Center to Reduce Stress, Expense and Time Involved in Matrimonial Cases
Sep. 1 Hon. Paula L. Feroleto Named Administrative Judge of Eighth Judicial District
Aug. 6 Hon. Alexander W. Hunter, Jr. Appointed to Appellate Term
Jul. 13 Hon. Robert C. Mulvey Appointed Administrative Judge of Sixth Judicial District
Jul. 8 New Supervising Judges for New York City Family Court Announced
Jul. 7 Chief Judge Announces Launch of Veterans Project in Kings, Nassau and Queens Counties
Jun. 2 Hon. Alan D. Scheinkman Appointed Administrative Judge of Ninth Judicial District
May 27 Hon. Michael V. Coccoma Appointed Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Courts Outside New York City
May 7 New Family Court Administrative Appointments Announced
May 6 New Appointments of Administrative Judges in New York City
May 5 Hon. Rose H. Sconiers Named Chair of Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission on Minorities
May 4 Patricia Morgan Appointed Clerk of the Court, Appellate Division, Fourth Department
Apr. 8 Second Step in Streamlining of Court Administration Announced
Mar. 11 Chief Judge Lippman Announces Restructuring of Judicial Administrative Leadership in New York State Courts
Jan. 13 Gov. Paterson Appoints New Chief Judge

2008 Press Releases

Date Title
Dec. 16 New Attorney Rules of Professional Conduct Announced
Sep. 17 Special Commission Charged with Scrutinizing New York's Justice Court System Releases Landmark Report
Jul. 23 Hon. Michael Coccoma Named Administrative Judge of Sixth Judicial District
Jun. 18 Chief Judge Kaye Announces Residential Foreclosure Program
Feb. 14 New Supervising Judges for New York City Family Court Named
Feb. 13 Hon. L. Priscilla Hall appointed as Administrative Judge of the State Supreme Court, Criminal Term, Kings County
Feb. 4 Conference of Chief Judges Supports Pay Raise for New York State Judges

2007 Press Releases

Date Title
Dec 12 New Appointments to Disciplinary Committee of the Appellate Division, First Department Announced
Dec 7 Hon. Michael J. Obus Appointed Administrative Judge of Manhattan Supreme Court, Criminal Term
Dec 3 Court Leaders Submit Budget Request Containing Funding for Judicial Pay Increase, Focusing Attention on Judicial Compensation Inequity
Oct 17 John W. McConnell Appointed Clerk of the Court, Appellate Division, First Department
Oct 16 Hon. George D. Marlow Appointed to Newly Created Position of Statewide Judicial Director of Ethics Education and Counsel
Sept 12 New York State Selected to Host Unveiling of Jury Duty Postage Stamp
June 12 Chief Judge Kaye Addresses Business Leaders
May 29 National Center for State Courts Study Determines New York State Judicial Pay Rate Among Lowest in the Nation
May 29 Hon. Ann Pfau Appointed Chief Administrative Judge of New York State
May 23 Governor Eliot Spitzer Appoints Justice Jonathan Lippman as Presiding Justice of The Appellate Division, First Judicial Department
Apr 9 Chief Judge Kaye Announces Five-Point Plan to Address Crisis in Judicial Salaries - Press Release, Chief Judge Kaye's Full Statement and Judicial Compensation Fact Sheet
Apr 2 Court System Launches New Youth Website
Mar 28 New Queens Supreme Court Initiative Connects Self-Represented Litigants with Community Lawyers
Mar 21 Hon. Bernice Siegal Named Supervising Judge
Mar 14 New Queens Supreme Court Administrative Judges Named
Mar 9 Hon. Martin E. Smith Named Supervising Judge
Mar 9 New Campaign Ethics Training Dates Announced
Mar 9 New Commercial Division Part Opens in Fifth Judicial District
Feb 23 Hon. Ariel E. Belen Appointed Administrative Judge of Brooklyn Supreme Court, Civil Term
Feb 8 Judicial Election Qualification Commissions Members Appointed - Nominees to Ensure Quality of Judicial Elections Through Careful Review of Judicial Candidates’ Qualifications
Jan 16 First Steps in Action Plan to Improve Quality of Local Justice Courts - New Appointments and Administrative Changes Implemented to Enhance Justice Delivery in New York's Town and Village Courts
Jan 8 Deputy Communications Director for New York State Courts Appointed
Jan 3 Hon. Sherry Klein Heitler Appointed to Appellate Term
Jan 3 Hon. Kathie Davidson Named Supervising Judge

2006 Press Releases

Date Title
Nov 21 Sweeping Reforms of New York's Local Justice Courts Unveiled
Oct 24 New York Court System Publishes Online Voter Guide to Judicial Candidates
Oct 16 Needy Families Get Free Legal Advice from Law Firm Attorneys
Sept 20 Ten-Year Anniversary of New York’s Domestic Violence Courts
Aug 9 New Rule Requiring Candidates in Judicial Elections in New York To File Financial Disclosure Statements
July 31 Focus Groups Yield Recommendations for Improving Court Operations and Commercial Practice in New York
July 24 New York Judges Can Now Order Parents To Attend Classes Designed to Ease Divorce Trauma on Children
July 17 Chief Judge Appoints Special Commission on the Future of the New York State Courts - Panel Charged with Redesigning State’s Arcane Trial Court Structure
July 6 New York Courts to Make “Virtual” Case Files Available on the Internet - Pilots to Begin in Manhattan and Broome County
June 19 Strengthening the Local Justice Courts: Focus of Action Plan - Reforms to Address Problems Detailed in State Comptroller Report
June 15 Significant Restrictions on Lawyer Advertising To Be Adopted in New York
June 14 Hon. Stephen Bogacz Appointed Queens Family Court Supervising Judge
June 5 Candidates in Upcoming Judges Elections to Undergo Mandatory Ethics Training
May 30 Divorce Process Made Easier for New Yorkers without Attorneys
Apr 5 New York Courts Implement Action Plan to Lessen Language Barriers for Non-English-Speaking Litigants
Mar 28 Hon. Douglas McKeon Appointed Presiding Justice of Appellate Term of the Supreme Court for the First Judicial Department
Mar 27 Hon. Lucindo Suarez Named Statewide Coordinating Judge for Summary Jury Trials
Feb 28 New Supervising Judge of Family Courts Appointed in the 7th Judicial District
Feb 16 Court Exclusively for Sex Offense Cases Opens in Westchester: New York Becomes First State to Establish Adult Sex Offense Courts
Jan 25 New Criminal Court Supervising Judge Appointed
Jan 5 Hon. Theodore Jones Named Administrative Judge of Brooklyn Supreme Court, Civil Term
Jan 3

Statewide Uniform Rules for Commercial Division Adopted

New Uniform Rules of the Commercial Division

2005 Press Releases

Date Title
Dec 7 Hon. Philip Minardo Appointed to Newly Created Position of Administrative Judge for Staten Island
Nov 30 Court Leaders Submit Budget Request Containing Funding for Judicial Pay Increase, Focusing Attention on Judicial Compensation Inequity
Nov 29 Appointments of Supervising Judges in 9th Judicial District
Nov 16 Hon. Barry Salman Named Administrative Judge of the Bronx Supreme Court, Civil Term
Nov 16 New York City Hosts Kick-Off for National Adoption Day 2005: 125 Adoptions Finalized in One Day in Brooklyn; New Data By Urban Institute Shows Interest in Adoption at All Time High Among American Women
Nov 07 Hon. Albert Rosenblatt Newly Appointed Chair of New York State/Federal Judicial Council
Oct 25 New York Court System Publishes Voter Guide to Judicial Candidates for First Time: With Greater Access to Information, Voters Can Make More Meaningful Ballot Choices in Statewide Judges Races
Oct 20 New York Task Force on Court Security Releases Report: Convened After Numerous Violent Courthouse Incidents in Other States, Panel Proposes 47 Measures to Enhance Security in New York’s Courts
Oct 19 Spanish-Speaking New Yorkers to Get Court Help Via the Internet, Court System Launches Website Targeted towards Burgeoning Segment of the Population
Sep 19 Leaders of New York Court and Child Welfare Agencies to Participate in Collaborative National Meeting to Reform Foster Care System
Apr 27 The American Jury: Focus of Statewide Town Hall Meetings
Apr 26 Court Employees Honored on Law Day 2005
Apr 11 Court System Boosts Online Access to Criminal Case Information for Attorneys - New Program to Enable Lawyers to Remotely Access Case Information Anywhere, Anytime, from the Internet
Mar 16 Hon. Thomas Klonick Appointed To Commission on Judicial Conduct
Feb 07 Nation’s First Court-Based Homelessness Prevention Program Opens in the South Bronx
New York City Civil Court & United Way Launch Pilot in Mott Haven.

2004 Press Releases

Date Title
Jun 29 Report from the Commission to Promote Public Confidence In Judicial Elections - Press Release, Report, and Bundled Appendices
Jun 17 Court System Launches Second Phase of Jury Reform in New York - Press Release, Interim Report, and Appendices to Report
Jun 16 New Administrative Judge for Fourth District Named
Jun 15 Appointments Made To Appellate Term, 9th and 10th Districts
Jun 01 Statewide Task Force to Fix Flaws in New York’s Divorce Process Is Convened by Chief Judge
May 17 The Future of Indigent Defense Services in New York: Topic of New Commission's Inquiry
May 05 New Administrative Judge in Queens Named
Apr 20 Chief Judge Names Commission to Examine Solo and Small Firm Practice
Apr 20 Hon. Jan Plumadore Named Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Courts Outside New York City
Mar 31 New Administrative Judge for Third Judicial District Selected
Mar 23 Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Leaves to Help Establish Judicial Systems in Developing Countries
Feb 25 Court Records to be Posted on the Internet - Move Follows Recommendations from Commission on Public Access to Court Records
Press Release and Report
Jan 15 Creation of Statewide System Called For to Boost Numbers of NY Attorneys Providing Free Legal Services for the Poor

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