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2017 Press Releases

Dec. 19 - Court Leadership Positions Filled in New York City

Dec. 19 - Brooklyn Family Court Unveils High-Tech Courtroom

Dec. 13 - High-Tech Courtroom Launched in Westchester County Supreme Court

Nov. 28 - Appointments Made to Appellate Term, First Judicial Dept.

Nov. 17 - Judicial Task Force on NY Constitution Reconvenes with Aim to Advance Reforms Via Legislative Process

Nov. 08 - New Measure Announced to Enhance Delivery of Justice in Criminal Cases

Oct. 02 - Upstate Pilot Program to Ensure Poor Defendants’ Right to Counsel at Arraignment

Sep. 26 - New Committee Aims to Promote Court Access for People with Disabilities

Sep. 19 - Court System Receives Grants to Help Combat Opioid Crisis

Sep. 18 - Chief Judge DiFiore Holds Public Hearing on NY's Civil Legal Services Needs

Sep. 11 - Appellate Division, First Dept., to Broadcast Oral Arguments in Real Time

Sep. 06 - Chief Judge Names Emergency Legal Task Force to Assist Harvey Victims

Jun. 29 - NY Courts Adopt Opioid Overdose Prevention Program

Jun. 06 - Chief Judge Expands Mission of NYS Task Force Aimed at Preventing Wrongful Convictions

Jun. 05 - NYC Family Court Becomes NY's Largest Court to Go Fully Digital

Apr. 24 - Court of Appeals to Hold Oral Arguments in White Plains

Mar. 30 - Chief Administrative Judge Marks Announces Two Administrative Appointments

Mar. 24 - NY Courts Announce Plan to Enhance Language Access

Feb. 22 - Chief Judge DiFiore Delivers State of Our Judiciary Address

Jan. 23 - Hon. Ellen Biben Named Administrative Judge of NY County Supreme Court, Criminal Term

Jan. 05 - Thousands of Historic Court Records Moved to NYS Archives


2016 Press Releases

Date - Title

Dec. 16 - New Summons Court Opens in Manhattan

Dec. 14 - Chief Judge DiFiore Forms New LGBT Commission

Nov. 16 - Court System Obtains Grant to Advance Progress in Closing NY's Justice Gap

Nov. 09 - Veterans Court Opens in Staten Island

Nov. 04 - Chief Judge Announces New Initiative to Enhance Justice for Domestic Violence Victims

Sep. 19 - Chief Judge Announces 2016-17 Civil Legal Services Grants

Sep. 08 - Press Advisory: NY Courts to Commemorate 9-11

Jul. 25 - Chief Judge Names Members of New Committee on Evidence

Jul. 19 - Chief Judge Forms Task Force on NYS Constitution

Jul. 18 - Matthew Biben Named to Commission on Judicial Nomination

Jun. 22 - Chief Judge Welcomes Locals to New Brownsville Legal Help Center

June 21 - News Advisory: Chief Judge to Welcome Locals to New Brownsville Legal Center Open House

Jun. 10 - Chief Judge Janet DiFiore Administers Oath of Office to Largest-Ever Graduating Class of New York State Court Officers

May 06 - State’s First Young Adult Court Opens in Brooklyn

May 04 - New Sixth Judicial District Administrative Judge Named

Apr. 12 - Veterans Court Opens in Manhattan

Feb. 10 - Public Information Director for NY State Courts Named

Feb. 02 - New Chair Named for Commission on Children


2015 Press Releases

Date - Title

Dec. 29 - Chief Judge Announces New Uniform Attorney Discipline Rules

Dec. 22 - Rule Changes Address A/V Coverage of Court Proceedings

Dec. 16 - Chief Judge Announces Changes to NY’s Admission Rules

Dec. 15 - Chief Judge Announces Adoption of Two New Rules

Dec. 01 - New Chair, Members Named to Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission

Nov. 23 - Chief Judge Announces Launch of “Legal Hand” Centers to Help Close Justice Gap

Oct. 08 - New Administrative Judge Named to NYC Family Court

Oct. 08 - Chief Judge Hosts National Summit on Human Trafficking and the Courts

Oct. 01 - Chief Judge Lippman Announces Bail Reforms

Aug. 10 - New Chair, Vice Chair Named to Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline

Jul. 29 - Hon. Lawrence K. Marks Named Chief Administrative Judge

Jul. 27 - Chief Administrative Judge Prudenti Leaving Her Post to Join Academia

Jul. 22 - Chief Judge Announces Creation of Permanent Commission on Access to Justice, New Rule & Membership Roster

Jun. 30 - Chief Judge Announces Appointments to Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation

Apr. 14 - Chief Judge and NYC Mayor Announce Plan to Modernize Criminal Justice System

Mar. 30 - Chief Judge Names Members of Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline

Mar. 02 - Hon. Peter Moulton Named Administrative Judge, NY County Supreme Court, Civil Term


2014 Press Releases

Date - Title

Oct. 21 - Chief Administrative Judge Announces Two NYC Criminal Court Appointments

Sept. 16 - NY Courts Adopt Rules to Promote Fairness in Consumer Debt Cases

June 10 - New Coordinating Judge of Medical Malpractice Program Named

April 30 - Chief Judge Announces Reforms to Promote Equal Justice for Consumers in Debt Cases

Mar. 13 - Chief Administrative Judge Announces Two Kings County Appointments

Feb. 10 - New Administrative Judge Named in Third Judicial District


2013 Press Releases

Date - Title

Dec. 17 - New Chief of Policy and Planning, New Kings County Administrative Judge Named

Dec. 11 - Court System Reports Dramatic Cut in Bronx Felony Case Inventory, Announce Plan to Slash Borough's Misdemeanor Backlog, Name New Bronx Appointment

Dec. 02 - New Rule Permits Out-of-State Lawyers Employed as In-House Counsel in NY to Provide Pro Bono Legal Services on Behalf of NY's Needy

Sep. 25 - NY Judiciary Launches Nation's First Statewide Human Trafficking Intervention Initiative

July 17 - Chief Judge Names Committee to Facilitate Pro Bono Efforts of In-House Counsel in NY

May 28 - Chief Judge Names Members of Committee Charged With Examining How Non-Lawyer Advocates Can Help Narrow New York’s Justice Gap

May 01 - Chief Judge Announces New Attorney Registration Pro Bono Reporting Requirement

Mar. 26 - Chief Judge Names Members of Commercial Division Advisory Council

Feb. 25 - Hon. Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick Named Co-Chair of New York State Justice Task Force

Jan. 18 - New Administrative Judges Named in New York City, Nassau County and the Third Judicial District


2012 Press Releases

Date - Title

Sept. 19 - NY First to Adopt Pro Bono Requirement for Bar Admission - Rule

May 22 - Chief Judge Names Advisory Committee on Pro Bono Bar Admission Requirements

Apr. 04 - Hon. Lawrence K. Marks Named First Deputy Chief Administrative Judge

Jan. 11 - Hon. Barry Kamins Named Administrative Judge of NYC Criminal Court


2011 Press Releases

Date - Title

Jun. 28 - New Rule Governing Assignment of Cases Involving Judicial Campaign Contributors

Mar. 08 - New Administrative Judge of Suffolk County Courts Named

Mar. 01 - Hon Craig J. Doran Named 7th Judicial District Administrative Judge


2010 Press Releases

Date - Title

Dec. 01 - Court Leaders Submit Reduced Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2011-2012

Nov. 23 - Hon. Douglas McKeon Appointed Administrative Judge for Civil Matters in Twelfth Judicial District

Oct. 28 - First of its Kind Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between U.S. State Court and Australian Court

Oct. 25 - Attorney Emeritus Program Expanded, Receives “Bright Ideas” Award from Harvard Kennedy School

Oct. 20 - New York Courts First in Country to Institute Filing Requirement to Preserve Integrity of Foreclosure Process

Oct. 13 - Chief Judge Announces Creation of Permanent Sentencing Commission for New York State

Jul. 23 - Chief Judge to Conduct Public Hearings on the Unmet Civil Legal Services Needs of Low-Income New Yorkers

Jun. 9 - Task Force to Support Chief Judge's Efforts to Ensure Adequate Legal Representation in Civil Proceedings Involving Fundamental Human Needs

May 18 - Chief Judge Lippman Appoints Advisory Council to Foster Pro Bono by New York’s Most Experienced Lawyers

Mar. 30 - Hon. Rolando T. Acosta Appointed to Commission on Judicial Conduct

Mar. 16 - Court System Study Yields Recommendations to Improve Management of Electronic Discovery

Feb. 23 - Statement of the Chief Judge on the Court of Appeals Decision on Judicial Salaries

Feb. 4 - Matthew G. Kiernan Named Clerk of the Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department

Feb. 2 - New York City Family Court and Administration for Children’s Services Launch Electronic Filing of Abuse and Neglect Petitions

Jan. 19 - New York State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman’s Statement on Proposed 2010-11 Judiciary Budget


2009 Press Releases

Date - Title

Dec. 2 - Hon. Sherry Klein Heitler Appointed Administrative Judge of Manhattan Supreme Court, Civil Term

Nov. 13 - Courts and CUNY Law School Partner on Innovative New Pilot Program

Nov. 5 - Broad Changes in Merged Bronx Criminal Court Announced Following Release of Five-Year Assessment

Sep. 1 - Collaborative Family Law Center to Make Divorce Process Easier New Center to Reduce Stress, Expense and Time Involved in Matrimonial Cases

Sep. 1 - Hon. Paula L. Feroleto Named Administrative Judge of Eighth Judicial District

Aug. 6 - Hon. Alexander W. Hunter, Jr. Appointed to Appellate Term

Jul. 13 - Hon. Robert C. Mulvey Appointed Administrative Judge of Sixth Judicial District

Jul. 8 - New Supervising Judges for New York City Family Court Announced

Jul. 7 - Chief Judge Announces Launch of Veterans Project in Kings, Nassau and Queens Counties

Jun. 2 - Hon. Alan D. Scheinkman Appointed Administrative Judge of Ninth Judicial District

May 27 - Hon. Michael V. Coccoma Appointed Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Courts Outside New York City

May 7 - New Family Court Administrative Appointments Announced

May 6 - New Appointments of Administrative Judges in New York City

May 5 - Hon. Rose H. Sconiers Named Chair of Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission on Minorities

May 4 - Patricia Morgan Appointed Clerk of the Court, Appellate Division, Fourth Department

Apr. 8 - Second Step in Streamlining of Court Administration Announced

Mar. 11 - Chief Judge Lippman Announces Restructuring of Judicial Administrative Leadership in New York State Courts

Jan. 13 - Gov. Paterson Appoints New Chief Judge


2008 Press Releases

Date - Title

Dec. 16 - New Attorney Rules of Professional Conduct Announced

Sep. 17 - Special Commission Charged with Scrutinizing New York's Justice Court System Releases Landmark Report

Jul. 23 - Hon. Michael Coccoma Named Administrative Judge of Sixth Judicial District

Jun. 18 - Chief Judge Kaye Announces Residential Foreclosure Program

Feb. 14 - New Supervising Judges for New York City Family Court Named

Feb. 13 - Hon. L. Priscilla Hall appointed as Administrative Judge of the State Supreme Court, Criminal Term, Kings County

Feb. 4 - Conference of Chief Judges Supports Pay Raise for New York State Judges


2007 Press Releases

Date - Title

Dec 12 - New Appointments to Disciplinary Committee of the Appellate Division, First Department Announced

Dec 7 - Hon. Michael J. Obus Appointed Administrative Judge of Manhattan Supreme Court, Criminal Term

Dec 3 - Court Leaders Submit Budget Request Containing Funding for Judicial Pay Increase, Focusing Attention on Judicial Compensation Inequity

Oct 17 - John W. McConnell Appointed Clerk of the Court, Appellate Division, First Department

Oct 16 - Hon. George D. Marlow Appointed to Newly Created Position of Statewide Judicial Director of Ethics Education and Counsel

Sept 12 - New York State Selected to Host Unveiling of Jury Duty Postage Stamp

June 12 - Chief Judge Kaye Addresses Business Leaders

May 29 - National Center for State Courts Study Determines New York State Judicial Pay Rate Among Lowest in the Nation

May 29 - Hon. Ann Pfau Appointed Chief Administrative Judge of New York State

May 23 - Governor Eliot Spitzer Appoints Justice Jonathan Lippman as Presiding Justice of The Appellate Division, First Judicial Department

Apr 9 - Chief Judge Kaye Announces Five-Point Plan to Address Crisis in Judicial Salaries - Press Release, Chief Judge Kaye's Full Statement and Judicial Compensation Fact Sheet

Apr 2 - Court System Launches New Youth Website

Mar 28 - New Queens Supreme Court Initiative Connects Self-Represented Litigants with Community Lawyers

Mar 21 - Hon. Bernice Siegal Named Supervising Judge

Mar 14 - New Queens Supreme Court Administrative Judges Named

Mar 9 - Hon. Martin E. Smith Named Supervising Judge

Mar 9 - New Campaign Ethics Training Dates Announced

Mar 9 - New Commercial Division Part Opens in Fifth Judicial District

Feb 23 - Hon. Ariel E. Belen Appointed Administrative Judge of Brooklyn Supreme Court, Civil Term

Feb 8 - Judicial Election Qualification Commissions Members Appointed - Nominees to Ensure Quality of Judicial Elections Through Careful Review of Judicial Candidates’ Qualifications

Jan 16 - First Steps in Action Plan to Improve Quality of Local Justice Courts - New Appointments and Administrative Changes Implemented to Enhance Justice Delivery in New York's Town and Village Courts

Jan 8 - Deputy Communications Director for New York State Courts Appointed

Jan 3 - Hon. Sherry Klein Heitler Appointed to Appellate Term

Jan 3 - Hon. Kathie Davidson Named Supervising Judge


2006 Press Releases

Date - Title

Nov 21 - Sweeping Reforms of New York's Local Justice Courts Unveiled

Oct 24 - New York Court System Publishes Online Voter Guide to Judicial Candidates

Oct 16 - Needy Families Get Free Legal Advice from Law Firm Attorneys

Sept 20 - Ten-Year Anniversary of New York’s Domestic Violence Courts

Aug 9 - New Rule Requiring Candidates in Judicial Elections in New York To File Financial Disclosure Statements

July 31 - Focus Groups Yield Recommendations for Improving Court Operations and Commercial Practice in New York

July 24 - New York Judges Can Now Order Parents To Attend Classes Designed to Ease Divorce Trauma on Children

July 17 - Chief Judge Appoints Special Commission on the Future of the New York State Courts - Panel Charged with Redesigning State’s Arcane Trial Court Structure

July 6 - New York Courts to Make “Virtual” Case Files Available on the Internet - Pilots to Begin in Manhattan and Broome County

June 19 - Strengthening the Local Justice Courts: Focus of Action Plan - Reforms to Address Problems Detailed in State Comptroller Report

June 15 - Significant Restrictions on Lawyer Advertising To Be Adopted in New York

June 14 - Hon. Stephen Bogacz Appointed Queens Family Court Supervising Judge

June 5 - Candidates in Upcoming Judges Elections to Undergo Mandatory Ethics Training

May 30 - Divorce Process Made Easier for New Yorkers without Attorneys

Apr 5 - New York Courts Implement Action Plan to Lessen Language Barriers for Non-English-Speaking Litigants

Mar 28 - Hon. Douglas McKeon Appointed Presiding Justice of Appellate Term of the Supreme Court for the First Judicial Department

Mar 27 - Hon. Lucindo Suarez Named Statewide Coordinating Judge for Summary Jury Trials

Feb 28 - New Supervising Judge of Family Courts Appointed in the 7th Judicial District

Feb 16 - Court Exclusively for Sex Offense Cases Opens in Westchester: New York Becomes First State to Establish Adult Sex Offense Courts

Jan 25 - New Criminal Court Supervising Judge Appointed

Jan 5 - Hon. Theodore Jones Named Administrative Judge of Brooklyn Supreme Court, Civil Term

Jan 3 - Statewide Uniform Rules for Commercial Division Adopted


2005 Press Releases

Date - Title

Dec 7 - Hon. Philip Minardo Appointed to Newly Created Position of Administrative Judge for Staten Island

Nov 30 - Court Leaders Submit Budget Request Containing Funding for Judicial Pay Increase, Focusing Attention on Judicial Compensation Inequity

Nov 29 - Appointments of Supervising Judges in 9th Judicial District

Nov 16 - Hon. Barry Salman Named Administrative Judge of the Bronx Supreme Court, Civil Term

Nov 16 - New York City Hosts Kick-Off for National Adoption Day 2005: 125 Adoptions Finalized in One Day in Brooklyn; New Data By Urban Institute Shows Interest in Adoption at All Time High Among American Women

Nov 07 - Hon. Albert Rosenblatt Newly Appointed Chair of New York State/Federal Judicial Council

Oct 25 - New York Court System Publishes Voter Guide to Judicial Candidates for First Time: With Greater Access to Information, Voters Can Make More Meaningful Ballot Choices in Statewide Judges Races

Oct 20 - New York Task Force on Court Security Releases Report: Convened After Numerous Violent Courthouse Incidents in Other States, Panel Proposes 47 Measures to Enhance Security in New York’s Courts

Oct 19 - Spanish-Speaking New Yorkers to Get Court Help Via the Internet, Court System Launches Website Targeted towards Burgeoning Segment of the Population

Sep 19 - Leaders of New York Court and Child Welfare Agencies to Participate in Collaborative National Meeting to Reform Foster Care System

Apr 27 - The American Jury: Focus of Statewide Town Hall Meetings

Apr 26 - Court Employees Honored on Law Day 2005

Apr 11 - Court System Boosts Online Access to Criminal Case Information for Attorneys - New Program to Enable Lawyers to Remotely Access Case Information Anywhere, Anytime, from the Internet

Mar 16 - Hon. Thomas Klonick Appointed To Commission on Judicial Conduct

Feb 07 - Nation’s First Court-Based Homelessness Prevention Program Opens in the South Bronx
New York City Civil Court & United Way Launch Pilot in Mott Haven.


2004 Press Releases

Date - Title

Jun 29 - Report from the Commission to Promote Public Confidence In Judicial Elections - Press Release, Report, and Bundled Appendices

Jun 17 - Court System Launches Second Phase of Jury Reform in New York - Press Release, Interim Report, and Appendices to Report

Jun 16 - New Administrative Judge for Fourth District Named

Jun 15 - Appointments Made To Appellate Term, 9th and 10th Districts

Jun 01 - Statewide Task Force to Fix Flaws in New York’s Divorce Process Is Convened by Chief Judge

May 17 - The Future of Indigent Defense Services in New York: Topic of New Commission's Inquiry

May 05 - New Administrative Judge in Queens Named

Apr 20 - Chief Judge Names Commission to Examine Solo and Small Firm Practice

Apr 20 - Hon. Jan Plumadore Named Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Courts Outside New York City

Mar 31 - New Administrative Judge for Third Judicial District Selected

Mar 23 - Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Leaves to Help Establish Judicial Systems in Developing Countries

Feb 25 - Court Records to be Posted on the Internet - Move Follows Recommendations from Commission on Public Access to Court Records
Press Release and Report

Jan 15 - Creation of Statewide System Called For to Boost Numbers of NY Attorneys Providing Free Legal Services for the Poor

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