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Library content available through Internet search sites

Using popular Web search sites such as Yahoo! and Google, searchers can now find and access information on the holdings of the Supreme Court, Law Library, Queens.

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Because the library's collection is a part of the Online Computer Library Center's WorldCat, the world's largest database of items held in libraries, searchers can link to the Supreme Court, Law Library, Queens’ content through the Web sites they use every day. WorldCat contains more than 61 million records representing more than one billion items held by libraries worldwide.

Web users simply go to their favorite search site such as Yahoo! or Google and enter their search terms along with the phrase "find in a library". When those terms match the title of a library-owned item, the returned search results include a link to the WorldCat "Find in a Library" interface. Identifying information about the item is displayed - usually including an image of the book cover. Upon entering a ZIP code or other geographic information, searchers can view libraries near them that own the item. If the Supreme Court, Law Library, Queens has the item needed, the user knows right away. Clicking on the “BOOK” icon will enable the user to link directly to the library's online catalog.

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