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Law Library Staff Records - ADBM Accession Record # 90,000
PhotoMr. Edward Miletich and Mr. Andrew Tschinkel, both of the staff at the Supreme Court Law Library, Jamaica pause to mark the accessioning of record # 90,000 in the ADBM system. ADBM was adopted by the library staff as the library’s local database system in 1988. ADBM is an acronym for Advanced DB Master a software product of Macon Systems, Boulder Colorado.

Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Litigation: The Law of Section 1983
4th Edition by Sheldon H. Nahmod release # 7 when accessioned became ADBM record # 90000 on October 26, 2004. PhotoThe title , published by West is quoting the publishers description "widely recognized as the leading treatise in this area of the law and it is regularly cited in federal circuit and district court opinions. The publication contains comprehensive coverage of the current state of the law on all section 1983 matters, including expert commentary by Professor Sheldon H. Nahmod, noted expert author. Necessitated by the continuing explosion of section 1983 and related litigation in the U.S. Supreme Court , in federal and state courts, this two volume treatise provides a well-organized and comprehensive guide to section 1983 litigation that is an essential resource for lawyers, judges, and all others confronted with these issues".

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