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New York Materials

Selected treatises, forms, and loose-leafs:

Bard, Marano - New York Medical Malpractice
Bender’s Forms
Bender’s Forms for the Civil Practice
Bender’s Forms of Pleading
Bender’s New York Evidence
Bergman on New York Mortgage Foreclosures
Carmody-Wait Cyclopedia of Civil Practice, 2d
Comeau, Helm & Murphy - New York Tax Analysis
Criminal Jury Instructions, Criminal Jury Instructions 2d
Criminal Procedure in New York
Dunham - New York Insurance Law
Fisch on New York Evidence
Foster, Freed & Brandes - Law and the Family/New York, 2d
Gilbert - Criminal Law and Procedure
Harris - New York Estates: Probate, Administration and Litigation, 5th ed.
Katz & Shapiro - New York Suppression Manual
Laws of New York
Legislative Annual
McKinney’s Forms
McKinney's Session Laws
Medina’s Bostwick Practice Manual: New York General Practice Forms
New York Appellate Practice
New York Civil Practice Annual
New York Criminal Case Citator, 13th ed.
New York Criminal Practice
New York Employment Law, 2d
New York Pattern Jury Instructions/Civil
New York Practice Guide: Domestic Relations
New York Search and Seizure
New York Trial Guide
Ostertag Benson - General Practice in New York
Prince, Richardson on Evidence, 11th ed.
Public Papers of the Governors:
Mario M. Cuomo (1983-91)
Hugh L. Carey (1975-82)
Malcolm Wilson (1973-74)
Nelson A. Rockefeller (1959-73)
Thomas E. Dewey (1943-54)
Averell Harriman (1955-58)
Nathan L. Miller (1921-22)
Frank W. Higgins (1905-07)
Roswell P. Flower (1892-94)
Levi P. Morton (1895-96)
Real Property Service - New York
Siegel’s New York Practice, 2d
Steinman’s Bergerman & Roth - New York Real Property Forms Annotated
Uniform Commercial Code - New York
Warren’s Heaton on Surrogate’s Courts, 6th ed. rev.
Warren’s Negligence
Warren’s Weed New York Real Property, 4th ed.
Weinstein, Korn & Miller - New York Civil Practice
White on New York Corporations

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