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Hon. A. Gail Prudenti

Hon. A. Gail Prudenti

Office of Court Administration
25 Beaver Street
New York, NY 10004
(212) 428-2120

Additional Information about Judge Prudenti

Judicial Offices

Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts of New York State, appointed by Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, December 1, 2011 to present

Designated to serve as a Judge of the Court of Appeals for the hearing and determination of the appeal and any related motions in the case of Matter of World Trade Center Bombing Litigation, August 2011

Presiding Justice, Appellate Division, Second Judicial Dept., appointed by Gov. George E. Pataki, 2002 to 2011

Associate Justice, Appellate Division, Second Judicial Dept., appointed by Gov. George E. Pataki, 2001 to 2002

District Administrative Judge, Suffolk County, appointed by Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman, 1999 to 2001

Justice, Supreme Court, Tenth Judicial District, elected, 2001 to present

Judge of the Surrogate’s Court, Suffolk County, elected 1995 to 2000

Acting Justice, Supreme Court, appointed by Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman, 1996 to 2000

Justice, Supreme Court, Tenth Judicial District, elected, 1992 to 1994

Other Professional Experience

Private practice, 1982 to 1991

District Attorney’s Office, Suffolk County, A.D.A., 1980 to 1982

Surrogate’s Court, Suffolk County, Law Clerk, 1978 to 1980

Admission to the Bar

New York State, 1980

U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York, 1980


Honorary Degree of Doctorate of Laws (LLD), University of Aberdeen, 2004

L.L.B., University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K., 1978

B.A., Marymount College, 1974


Leading Cases

Matter of Sing W.C. 83 AD3d 84 (2d Dept. 2011)

Campbell v Thomas, 73 AD3d 103 (2d Dept. 2010)

People v Vaughan, 62 AD3d 122 (2d Dept. 2009)

Coque v Wildflower Estates Developers, Inc., 53 AD3d 44 (2d Dept. 2008)

Prichep v Prichep, 52 AD3d 61 (2d Dept. 2008)

Fair Price Medical Supply Corp. v Travelers Indem. Co., 42 AD3d 277 (2d Dept. 2007), aff’d 10 NY3d 556 (2008)

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, N.A. v Mastropaolo, 42 AD3d 239 (2d Dept. 2007)

Harris v State of New York, 38 AD3d 144 (2d Dept. 2007)

Majlinger v Cassino Contracting Corp. 25 AD3d 14 (2d Dept. 2005) aff’d sub nom. Balbuena v IDR Realty LLC 6 NY3d 338 (2006)

Schloss v Koslow, 20 AD3d 162 (2d Dept. 2005)

Matter of Sheldon S. 9 AD3d 92 (2d Dept. 2004)

Matter of Hunter 6 AD3d 117 (2d Dept. 2004) aff’d 4 NY3d 260 (2005)

Dworkin v Dombrowski 308 AD2d 88 (2d Dept. 2003)

Thomas v Alleyne 302 AD2d 36 (2d Dept. 2002)

Matter of Allen v Strough 301 AD2d 11 (2d Dept. 2002)

Matter of Poster v Strough 299 AD2d 127 (2d Dept. 2002)

Dunphy v J & I Sports Enterprises, Inc. 297 AD2d 23 (2d Dept. 2002)

Belt Painting Corp. v TIG Insurance Company 293 AD2d 206 (2d Dept. 2002) aff’d 100 NY2d 277 (2003)

Matter of Dot E.W. Johnson 172 Misc.2d 684 (Sup. Ct., Suffolk Co. 1997)

Matter of Tara X. NYLJ, September 18, 1996, p. 27 col. 1 (Sup. Ct. Suffolk Co. 1996)

Frederick R.C. v Helene R.C. 153 Misc.2d 660 (Sup. Ct., Suffolk Co. 1992)


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Professional & Civic Activites

New York State Lawyer Assistance Trust
Member, Advisory Panel of Judges (2006 to present)

Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert
Board of Directors (2004 to present)

Brooklyn Bar Association (2003 to present)

Council of Chief Judges of the American Bar Association, 2003 to present
Member, Executive Committee, 2004 to 2007

Chief Judge’s Commission on Public Access to Court Records, 2002 to present

Chief Judge’s Task Force on Delay in the Courts, 1997 to present

Past member, Chief Judge’s Committee on Matrimonial Rules, 1993 to 1994

Chief Administrative Judge’s Judicial Legislative Group, 1997 to 2002

Office of Court Administration’s Gender Bias and Anti-Discrimination Panel, 1992 to present

Former Chair, Office of Court Administration’s Mental Health Curriculum Committee for Trial Judges, 2001

Suffolk County Bar Association, 1978 to present
Former Co-Chair, Surrogate’s Court Committee, 1990
Past member, Bench Bar Committee, 1995
Past member, Committee on Civility and Professionalism, 1994 to 1995

Suffolk County Women’s Bar Association, 1990 to present

Past member, Executive Committee, Surrogate’s Association of the State of New York, 1995 to 2000

Board of Directors, Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert, 2004 to present

Judicial Section, New York State Bar Association
Member, Nominating Committee (2005)
Former Presiding Member (1999)
Former Associate Presiding Member (1998)
Former Secretary (1997)
Former Treasurer (1996)

Fellow of the New York Bar Foundation, 2000 to present

New York State Trial Lawyers, 1992 to present

Association of Justices of the Supreme Court of New York, 1992 to present

Colombian Lawyers Association of Suffolk County, 1978 to present
Member of Board of Directors, 1994 to present

American Justinian Society of Jurists, 1992 to present

Past member, Board of Directors, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital, 1999 to 2002