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Suffolk County Court


Mr. Anthony L. L., County Court Reporter
Arthur M. Cromarty Court Complex
210 Center Drive
Riverhead, NY 11902

Re: People v. SCOTT M.
Case Number 3 149B-96 (VOP

Dear Mr. L.:

I am writing to you to express my appreciation for supplying the minutes with regard to the above-referenced matter.

As you will recall, I started a Violation of Probation hearing this date before the Honorable Gary W. It was necessary to order minutes of some of this defendant's past court appearances, some going back a few years ago. When my secretary contacted your office, she was informed that a Court Reporter for a particular court appearance had retired and moved out of State. My secretary was then put in touch with you and advised that you would make every effort to contact this reporter and, if all else failed, attempt to transcribe the minutes yourself in time for my hearing.

I am in receipt of the minutes and prior to my hearing. For this, I wanted to thank you for your professionalism in dealing with such a last minute request, your courtesy in remaining in contact with my Office, undertaking what I'm sure was no easy task, and supplying minutes prior to my hearing. It's a pleasure to work with someone so nice!

Very truly yours,

Assistant District Attorney
Deputy Bureau Chief
DRS: clh

Dear Mr. C.,

I would like you to know how much Bob S. is appreciated at Surrogate's Court.

Not often enough do people take the time to let others know how valuable someone is. Bob has shown nothing but professionalism in his duties as Court Officer. He is an asset to his department and should be recognized as someone who exhibits exemplary dedication to his job.

Thank you for your time.


Susan B.

Dear Mr. C.,

A quick note to say thank you for personally expediting the letters of guardianship for my son and daughter. Please know that due to your efforts I will obtain my portion of the life insurance in time to place a down payment on a new home closer to my place of work. I will be able to move in before the new school year and limit the turmoil in my daughter life. No words or deeds are adequate to convey my sincere gratitude.

Best regards,

Steve T.

Dear Barbara,

On act of kindness should never go unnoticed - and I want to thank you sincerely for your help yesterday.

Thank you for your patience and your wisdom. I could never have filed the petition without your help. You are a special person.

Judge C.
Surrogate's Court County Center
320 Center Drive
Riverhead, New York 11901-3391

Dear Judge C.,

I want to express my appreciation for the help given me by Ms. Kate L. on Monday 20. I had some questions pertaining to the asset inventory for my mother's estate. Ms. L. was patient, Professional and knowledgeable in answering my questions. I left feeling more confident as to my responsibilities.

I find it rare in our society today to be served by a truly professional, courteous, dedicated individual. I found Ms. L. to be one such person. I hope you are aware of Ms. L.'s commitment to service.

Sincerely yours,

Julie A.

1st District Court - Central Islip
Attn: Linda Z
400 Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, NY 11722

Dear Linda,

Per our phone conversation today, I am enclosing a money order for $5 for an original certificate of disposition for my husband's, Justin M. K.'s DUI violation ticket/docket # xxxxxx10, and xxxxxxx11 and xxxxxx12. The case number was xxxxxx74. The conviction was 11/24.

I appreciate your helpfulness so much. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions with the certificate of disposition.


Cally M. K.

P.S. You're willingness to help out when so many others were happy to place me on hold, or simply tell me there was nothing to do, was a blessing. I know your job is thankless, but I for one would like to give you a heartfelt thank you.

Chief Thomas L.
Security -County Court
210 Center Driver
Riverhead, New York 11901

Dear Chief L.:

Please accept this commendation on behalf of SC0 Sgts. Colin M., Robert A. and Greg H., and SCOs Terry C., Jeff H. and Blaise F., in connection with an incident which occurred during the sentencing of Mr. Antoine L. on March 28.

As sentence was being pronounced, Mr. L. attempted to lunge over the railing. He was restrained and the officers began to remove him from the courtroom. He became even more agitated. Despite all his strenuous efforts, however, the above referenced officers never lost control of the defendant and the spectators in the gallery were not in the least alarmed or discomfitted. You'll also be proud to know that your officers conducted themselves as gentlemen during this incident and treated Mr. L. with dignity and compassion. They are a credit to you and the Unified Court System.

Based on the forgoing, I'd be grateful if you would be so kind as to place a copy of this letter in the aforementioned officers' personnel files and bestow upon them any other recognition you deem appropriate. I remain,

Very truly yours,

James H.
County Court Judge

JH: kr
cc: SC0 Sgt. Cohn M.
SC0 Sgt. Robert A.
SC0 Sgt. Greg H.
SC0 Terry C.
SC0 Jeff H.
SC0 Blaise F.
Security -County Court
210 Center Driver
Riverhead, New York 11901

Dear Mr. C.,

I wanted to thank you for your kindness in helping me to get copies of the original will of my Grandfather Moses S. Also for allowing me to photograph his will and that of my 8th grandfather John S. The photographs are already treasured additions to our family history book.

Your thoughfulness in sharing these original documents with me brought about the highlight of my research trip. It was amazing the see and hold these wills written by ancesters so long ago.

I hope to be able to return at sometime and continue my research. Of special interest to me was your miscellineous book of records. You have preserved all your original records so well - I wish all counties were doing the same thing!

This was my first trip to NY and it was a wonderful experience due greatly to your kindness and that of your staff as well.

On my next trip, I will be researching both my swezey family & that of Richard "Bull" S. of Smithtown, Who is my 10th Grandfather - There is always something new to discover!

Many thanks,
Patty M.

Dear Brad,

I want to thank you for your kindness in helping me to get permission to photograph the will of my Grandfather, Moses S. - your helpfulness was very much appreciated.

Many thanks,
Patty M.

Dear C.,

Thank you so much for taking the will books in the Chief Clerk's office apart so that I could have a photocopy. take a picture of the wills of my Grandfather Moses S.. Our ancester John S. - Your kindness means a great deal.

Many thanks,
Patty M.

Robert O.
Chief Clerk
Suffolk Co. Family Court
400 Carlaton Avenue
Central Islip, NY 11722

Re: Donna P.

Dear Mr. O.:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my great satisfaction with the efforts of Donna P. who has been assigned to work in my courtroom in Riverhead since I was assigned here on January 3rd.

Her diligence in prcessing matters to be considered by the Court is outstanding. She not only performs her assigned tasks with great accuracy and speed but also seeks to constantly expand her scope of knowledge to include any additional requests made by her coworkers.

It gives me great pleasure to give my highest recommendation to Donna P. who reflects great personal credit upon herseft as well as the Family Court and additionally I request that a copy of this letter be placed in her personnal file.

Very truly yours,

Maurice M.
Judicial Hearing Officer

Chief Thomas F. L.
D. A. J. Office

Dear Chief L.:

On Wednesday, February 20th we had a unusually large turnout of jurors. The Court that day went above and beyond the call of duty helping to expedite the situation.

Thank you and your staff for your help.


Michael D. O.
Commissioner of Jurors

MDo: ak

To whom it may concern;

I am writitng to commend Family Court Officer Kevin C. for his excellent handling of all things pertaining to various matters concerning issues I have been forced to deal with in Family Court.

He was gently kind and informative in dealing with some difficult situations, and really helped ease the painful realities I was dealing with.

I hope you, his employer, are aware of what type of officer you have in him. He is helpful without being intrusive, and perceptive of how to diplomatically handle difficult situations.

If there is any possibility of him recieving official, appropriate commendations or awards, know that he greatly deserves to be noticed. Please call me if you want any further details as to his manner.

It's nice to know there are kind human individuals like him, willing to put in the extra effort during the trying times.


Lori C. M.

TO: Chief Thomas F. L.
FROM: Captain Lawrence A. M.
RE: Judge D.'s Wake/Funeral

On Saturday 01/12 Officer S. stood Honor Guard at Judge D.'s Funeral Church Service. It should be noted that Officer S. seems to consistently come through and staff the most inconvenient assignments. CO S.'s dedication to the Suffolk County Courts Honor/Color Guard is to be commended

cc Chief Clerk Robert O. J
Deputy Chief Wm J. A. II
Major Thomas H.
CO Lori S.

TO: Chief Thomas F. L.
FROM: Captain Lawrence A. M.
RE: Judge D.'s Wake/Funeral

I would be remiss if I did not inform you of the dedication demonstrated by Officer Dara F. on Friday 01/11. Officer F. worked a 0900x1700 tour at her command in CL. CO F. then worked Family Ct. Road Security from 1700x1800. Offer F. then traveled to Centerport to stand Honor Guard (1900x2100)at Judge D.'s Wake. For Officer F. her supper would have to wait until nearly 2200hrs. CO F. endured the heat inside the funeral home, and the cold outside. Like the rest of the Honor Guard Unit she served without complaint Officer F. is to be commended for her professionalism as always.

cc Chief Clerk Robert O.
Deputy Chief Wm J A. II
Major Thomas H.
CO Dara F.

Thomas L.; Chief Court Officer
Suffolk County
Cromarty Court Complex
210 Center Drive
Riverhead, N. Y. 11901

Dear Chief L.:

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize and thank you and the Court Officers under your command, who gave six in-service presentations on the topics " Suicide Risk Assessment" and "Gang Awareness Updates" to the members of the Southampton Town Police Department, Southampton Town Court Officers, Southampton Town Bay Constables and most other East-end Police Departments.

Sergeant David M. presented the block on Suicide Risk Assessment and Captain Greg C. provided updates on Gang Awareness, on six separate dates through February and into March.

The feedback from members of this Department was, once again, extremely positive and the information provided, greatly appreciated. Through your efforts I believe we continue to be able to provide our officers with timely and pertinent information that will serve to make them safer.

Captain C. and Sergeant M. once again, distinguished the New York State Court Officers and exemplified the high level of professionalism of your agency.

Thank you once again for being a part of our 2002 in-service training program.

If I can be of assistance to you or your agency in the future, please contact me.

Very truly

Chief of Police

cc: Chief Joseph B.

Chief Clerk
Surrogate's Court of Suffolk County
320 Center Drive
RiverHead, NY 11901

Dear Mr. C.,

Thank you so much for addressing our Hadassah group on Feb. 4th. The members found your talk to be most informative, and I might add, entertaining. I'm certain we all will benefit from the information you presented. Thank you again !

Sincerely yours,

Edith L.

Michael C.
Chief Clerk
Suffolk County Surrogate's Court
320 Centre Drive
Riverhead, NY 11901

Dear Mr. C.:

On behalf of the Cold Spring Harbor Lions Club, I would like to thank you for providing a very fine speaker at our meeting on Tuesday, Feburary 26 at Meehan's Resturant in Huntington.

Attorney Scott M. gave a splendid presentation on wills and estates.

His courteous and informative responces to our many questions, indicated him to be a most valuble of your staff.

Very truly yours,

George D. R.

Chief Clerk
400Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, NY 11772

Re: Suffolk County District Court, 2nd District 2

Dear Sir or Madam:

I recently had the unfortunate occasion to file acomplaint against a painter who is based in Suffolk County and who did work in my home, which is located in Nassau County. Although the experience with that particular professional was so bad that it led me to file a suit in the first place, I would like to take. a moment to inform you about the exemplary service I received from the employees in the 2nd District Court office in Deer Park. I dealt with different people during my initial visit when I filed my paperwork and then on two subsequent phone calls. Each of those persons was a pleasure to deal with to say the least. They were extremely helpful in completing the complaint paperwork (they inquired about my intentions, the amount of money damages that I was seeking and advised me how to properly name the defendant) and took the time to ensure that I fully understood their explanations when I called with different questions regarding the procedure, status and timing of my case.

Although I hope to never find myself needing to utilize the Small Claims Court system again, I am truly thankful that patient people like these are on hand to help guide our citizens through what can be a daunting process for the uninitiated.


David J.

cc: Suffolk County District Court, 2nd District Court

Chief Thomas L.
County Court Security
210 Center Drive
Riverhead, New York 11901

Dear Mr. T.,

I am writing to commend the efforts of Officers Chris L., Michael M. and Sgt. Frank D. for their rapid response and medical care of my Law Clerk, John I., on February 5.

The Officers' quick response and knowledgeable care highlighted the benefits and importance of having trained responders on staff.

On behalf of John and myself I extend my thanks.

Very truly yours,

Hon. Joseph F.
County Court Judge

Dear Mr. C.,

I would like you to know how much Bob S. is appreciated at Surrogate's Court

Not often enough do people take the time to let other know how valuable someone is. Bob has shown nothing but professionalism in his duties as Court Officer. He is an asset to his department and should be recognized as someone who exhibits exemplary dedication to his job.

Thank you for you time.


Susan B.

Ms. Julia D.
FamiIyCourt of theState of NewYork
400 Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, N. Y. 11722

My dearest Ms. D.,


I just want to thank you for your professionalisrn and your very pleasant and patient manner throughout this entire adoption progress. From the very first time that I called your office to obtain adoption instrustions and travel directions you came through even on the telephone with pleasantness.

The time that I came to your office in an anxious sate you exhibited a peasce which always touched my heart. Yes, this was a very emotional time for me for my husband had just passed away on April 8.

All good things to you Ms. D.. The world blessed to have people such as yourself. Thank you for everything! You do your job well! I applaud you, and I am sure others do also. You made this entire pfocess beareable.


Janice R. M. & Son

Dear Judge P.:

This letter is in responds to Lori (6055) who assisted my husband and I during recent court apprearances for Carl M. We would like to express our sincere thanks to her as well as letting you know how helpful she was to us. Ms. S. was not only kind & considerate but she also extended herself in answering all of our questions in a calm matter. It was a great reassurance for us to have her by our side.


Lisa & Greg

Dear Justice P.,

I am writing to commend the members of my staff for this term, Court Clerk Sandy O., SCO Mickey D. and Court Reporter Donna A. for their exceptional service. This has been a particular arduous tern wherein we had trials and procedings between extremely acrimonious parties and have all suffered from the emotional effects of the events surrounding the World Trade Center. This court crew has performed in an exemplary manner, putting in long and difficult days with courtesy, enthusiasm and professionalism.

During my tenure in Supreme Court since January, I have found all support staff to be extremely professional and competent. I am fortunate to have exceptional people as a personal secretary and law secretary in Kathleen D. and Allen H. as well.

Finally, I want to thank you for your ongoing support during these difficult times.

Very truly yours,

Sandra L. S.

Hon. A. Gail P., J. S. C.
Administrative Judge, Suffolk County
John P. Cohalan, Jr. Courthouse
400 Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, New York 11722-9070

Dear Justice P.:

As you are aware, the performance of the employees of the Suffolk County Courts throughout the recent terrorist crisis was beyond magnificent. Indeed, during a tragedy without precedent and for which there could be no training, they continually conducted themselves as true professionals. Surely, by now you have heard the many stories of the many, many empployees who not only performed their usual assignments, but went above and beyond what was required, doing whatever else they could, whenever they could. I am pleased and proud to report that from my vantage point -the County Court -justice as well as the public were served without interruption. Additiondly, and true to the concept of family which you have engendered, the employees helped each other and the public through an extremely difficult time. I have been advised that, without exception, the other courts of this county performed similarly.

There is, however, some particular, extraordinarily exceptional service which I believe should be chronicled and memorialized. Specifically, a number of employees stepped forward and without being asked, volunteered to travel to Manhattan and assist in the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center, what was has now become known as "Ground Zero." From the first day of the tragedy and every day that followed, a contingent of our people were there. Long day after long day, they completed their duties in the courthouse, and on their own time and totally without compensation, drove in and willingly gave countless hours of service deep into the dark hours of night. With little or no supervision other than their sense of duty, they accomplished a remarkable list of tasks that includes restoring electric power, erecting a makeshift cafeteria, setting up and distributing emergency equipment, escorting civilians, digging through the ruins, clearing debris, and, in some cases, even removing victims' remains. All this, I should add, in singularly difficult and dangerous surroundings, where the smoke filled the air, among fires and under an almost constant threat that further debris or even buildings might topple.

As your surrogate, I personally witnessed their efforts. I was and remain extremely proud of each and every one of them. The site was, as one person remarked, like a scene from "Dante 's Inferno." Notwithstanding that vivid image, I will always remember the efforts of our people -heros every one -whose courage, devotion to duty and totally unselfish efforts on behalf of their fellow citizens towered above ruins. In every sense of the word, I was edified by just being among them.

I have compiled the following list of those who were there:

Captain William T. M., Jr.
Sergeant Howard C.
Sergeant Anthony D.
Sergeant Frederick H.
Sergeant David M.
Senior Court Officer Edward C.
Senior Court Officer Terrence C.
Senior Court Officer Susan F.
Senior Court Offroer Nicholas G.
Senior Court Oftioer Kevin G.
Senior Court Officer Jeffrey H.
Senior Court Officer Chris L.
Senior Court Officer Robert R.
Uniformed Court Officer Donald C.
Uniformed Court Officer Robert E.
Senior Court Clerk Kevin A.
Senior Court Clerk Dennis G.
Senior Court Officer (Retired) Charles D.

I respectfully submit this list for your inform&ion and whatever action you deem appropriate.

Very truly yours,

Hon. John C., Surrogate
Surrogates Court
320 Center Drive
Riverhead, NY 11901

Hon. A. Gail P., Administrative Judge
John P. Cohalan Jr. Courthouse
400 Carleton Drive
PO Box 9070
Centeal Islip, New York 11772

Re: Letter of Commendation - Probate Department - Surrogate Court

Hon. P. and Hon. C.:

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the following individuals for their professionalism and cooperation in dealing with a Probate Matter:

Elva A., Cathy S., Barbara A., Barbara L., Janet M. and Dolly B.

On Thursday, July 26, I handcarried a Probate Petition to Surrogates Court. While I waited, your staff checked for a filed will reviewed the submission. Within two business days, I received my Letters Testamentary. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed both myself and my assistant, Toni T. were over promptness and professionalism of your staff..

It is refreshing to see that there are employees in the Unified Court System who are truly attempting and succeeding in making the system work.

I am requesting that a copy of this letter be placed in their respective personnel files.

Very truly yours,

Karen M. C.

Thomas L., Chief Court Officer
Suffolk County Courts
Arthur M. Cromarty Court Complex
210 Center Drive
Riverhead, New York 11901

On August 16, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) Special Agents arrested an individual on federal charges pertaining to the theft of U. S. Government monies. Prior to the arrest, it was learned that the subject was scheduled to appear in District Court, County of Suffolk, New York, on August 16, regarding burglary charges.

TIGTA Special Agents met with Captain Patrick A. P. (Badge #139), New York State Supreme Court, who was extremely cooperative in assisting TIGTA in arranging for the individual to be arrested subsequent to the scheduled court appearance. He facilitated the enabling of armed TIGTA Special Agents access into the District Court Building and provided for Senior Court Officer James J. D. (Shield #4154), New York State Supreme Court ; Sergeant Gregory C. (Shield #502), New York State District Court; and Sergeant Patricia S. (Shield #523), New York State District Court, to be present and assist TIGTA in the apprehension of the individual.

I would like to commend all of the above mentioned Court Officers for their professionalism and assistance. These Officers were of great help in ensuring that the subject 's arrest was effected safely and without incident. Their assistance is a testament to the benefits of mutual cooperation between law enforcement agencies.


Michael A. D.
Special Agent-in-Charge
New York Field Division

Catherine K., Esq.
Law Secretary to Judge Kitson
Supreme Court, Suffolk County
400 Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, NY II 722

Re: A. v. B.
Stipulation of Settlement
Index No.: 98/12200

Dear Ms. K.:

It was a pleasure speaking with you today. Pursuant to our telephone discussion, I am enclosing herein a copy of the Stipulation of Settlement that has been executed by the parties in the above-referenced matter. I have also sent via Airborne an original copy of the Stipulation of Settlement to you.

On behalf of myself, Thomas C., Esq., and our respective clients, I wish to thank you and Judge K. for the indulgence and professional courtesy you have afforded all parties involved with this litigation, Judge K.'s Part is run in a serious, efficient and very reasonable manner, I believe all parties are extremely fortunate that we were able to deal with both you and Judge K. on this case.

Very truly yours,

Elliott S. S.
ESS: rdp
CC: Thomas F. C., Esq.

Commissioner of Jurors
400 Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, NY 11722

Dear sir:

On Tuesday April 3rd, I was in the jury room to return a registration form. Somehow I carelessly left my black purse on one of the back tables. It contained over $200, and a charge card with my name on it.

Fortunately, one of the women who works there by the name of Marion Neves, found it, remembered me and called the next day to tell me she found it.

Ms. N. refused any reward and impressed me with her honesty and integrity. She is a valuable asset to her job and community.

Please see that this 'Thank You' is made a part of her record, with my highest regards.

Sincerely yours,

Pat c.

Honorable A. Gail P.
Suffolk County Supreme Court
John P. Cohalan Court Complex
400 Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, NY 11722

Re: People v. Edward J. M., Ind #1231A-00
People v. A, M., Ind # 1231B-00

Dear Justice P.:

We would like to take this opportunity to commend the Court personnel who were assigned to the case of People v. Edward M. and Patrick M., Case number 1231-00 which was conducted in the ceremonial courtroom in Central Islip.

This was a complex document case spanning almost ten years of activity. More than 12 banker boxes containing thousands of document were admitted into evidence. Many of these documents were shown to witness and displayed to the jury numberous times during the trial. There were three prosecutors and each defendant was represented by two aggressive trial attorneys.

The Clerk, John N. and Court Officers led by Sgt. Frank G. and Sgt. Larry B. were extremely professional in balancing control of the courtroom while allowing for the necessary utilization of evidence and arguments by consel to the Court. Court Officers Frank C., Chris S., Jim B. and Don R. maintained exceptional dignity and efficiency so that the parties, witnesses and spectators were all treated with respect and courtesy.

The Court Reporter, Rosemary S., was both patient and most capable in recording the testimony of witnesses and arguments of counsel.

Honorable A. Gail P.
Suffolk County Supreme Court
John P. Cohalan Court Complex
400 Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, NY 11722

Re: People v. Edward J. M., Ind #1231A-00
People v. A, M., Ind # 1231B-00

Dear Justice P.:

We would like to commend to your attention Court Officer Thomas C. whose services were invaluable in the courtroom during the prosecution of People v. Edward M. and Patrick M., Case Number 1231-00 which was conducted in the ceremonial courtroom in Central Islip.

This was a complex document case spanning almost ten years of activity. More than 12 banker boxes containing thousands of documents were admitted into evidence.

The challenge for any court officer in maintaining custody and control of these documents in the courtroom when these documents are used by attorneys, witnesses and the jury would be daunting. However, Court Officer C. was able to retrieve documents quickly, ensured that all items of evidence were properly inventoried, and returned to their respective containers immediately after being displayed. In essence, he ensured that the day time courtroom proceedings moved along efficiently and professionally.

We would like to thank Court Officer C. for his patience, diligence and professionalism and we would like you to be aware of his outstanding performance.

Very truly yours,

Rita E. A.
William T. F.
Christopher M.

Honorable Jonathan J. L.
Office of Court Administration
25 Beaver Street
New York, New York 10004

Dear Judge L.:

Yesterday, Ihad occasion, not as an attorney, but as litigant to attend the Suffolk County District Court for the Third District. Without boring you with the details, there was a problem with the file in the case.

In attempting to locate the file, I had the pleasure of dealing with a clerk assigned to the Court. I want you to know that Ms. Chris D. is precisely the kind of person that the Office of Court Administration and the court system generally can and should be proud of. Without knowing or caring who I was, she was more that courteous and spent significant time and extended every effort to be of service. I commend her and her colleagues for their professionalism and responsibility.

As always, with best wishes, I remain.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas O. R.

A. Gail P.
District Administrative Judege
400 Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, NY 11722

Dear Judge P.,

Today I finished serving as an alternate juror on a case in the Riverhead Supreme Court. I am writing to inform you that I have never had an experience as the one I encountered while performing this service. I must let you know that I am more than favorably impressed! I fell it was an honor to have been chosen to participate in such a thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating occurence.

I cannot understand why some people balk at the prospect of becoming a juror. I fell I have learned so much about our justice system and have garnered quite a feeling of respect for all those involved. I was moved by the professionalism portrayed by everyone involved with the case and with the courthouse in general.

I must especially commend to you Court Officer Dan C. He was instrumental in making my encounter with the system a memorable one. He was always considerate, thoughtful and willing to answer all of my question - no matter how trite! Mr. C. offered explanations that made our journeys as jurors a pleasurable as possible. He facilitated our movement through the process in a manner that reflects his ability and dedication to his position. Mr. C. is certainly a valuable resource for the court system and is someone I will long remenber.

Thank you for the wonderful learning experience and enriching opportunity I was given.

With utmost respect,

Marie T. G.

Justice A. Gail P.
400 Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, New York 11722

Justice H. Patrick L., III
400 Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, New York 11722

Re: Jeannemarie M.

Dear Honorable Justice P. and Justice L.:

I write this letter to ask that you recognize the efforts and success of Ms. Jeannemarie M. Ms M. has been appointed on several of the matrimonial cases I have appeared on before the Supreme Court in Suffolk County. Ms M. has consistently provided tremendous assistance to parents caught up in the emotions of their Divorce cases to the great benefit of the parties children. her attitude and aptitudes have provided these litigants with opportunity to vent their frustrations and yet come to the realizations as to what is truly in the best interest of their children.

I sincerely believe that she has helped several of my cases settle, again to the betterment of the children involved, in a expedited manner. I would welcome her assistance on any case in which I am involved. I hope that her efforts and results are appreciated by the members of the bench as much as they are by members of the bar.

Very truly yours.

Kevin J. W.

Mr. Bill F.
New York State Supreme Court
Griffing Avenue
Riverhead, New York 11901

Dear Mr. F.:

I recently presided over the high profile trial in Suffolk County of People v. Edward M. and Patrick M. which lasted for approximately six weeks.

Roe S. was assigned as the reporter for the duration of the trial. The case involved seven attorneys, thousands of exhibits and heated arguments were not unusual.

Ms. S. always arrived early and inobtrusively maintained a fine record. All readbacks were immediately and accurately done.

Ms. S. was truly an asset to me in this arduous and often volatile trial. I highly commend her for her hard work and exceptional skills. She is truly an asset to the court system.

Your truly,

Richard L. B.. J.S.C.

Dear Captain K. and Major M.:

My name is Linda K.. I came to court on 3/28 after emergency surgery on 3/27. I want you to commend Officer Gail R.*and Officer Tom K.*. I was in some pain and they helped me in an extraordinary fashion. They both went beyond the call of duty.

I thank them wholeheartedly.

I wanted you to be apprized that without them I would have been in big trouble. Thank You officers.

Linda K.


Honorable William R. L., Chief Clerk

Oswego City Court

20 West Oneida Street

Oswego, NY 13126

Dear Mr. L.,

It is with sincere gratitude and appreciation that we thank you for your most gracious help and assistance to us yesterday when we interuppted you on an already surcharged day. Your kindness and solicitation for us in procuring the much needed letter is appreciated.

The professional interest and care you took with us, as well as with all the other cases that seemed to keep tumbling into your domain yesterday, impressed us greatly. In your demeanor and in the execution of your duties, we witnessed a certainly good and faithful "public servant", one to whim we are most grateful.

With prayerful good wishes and warmest regards,



Anthony J. P., Deputy Chief Clerk

City of Syracuse Criminal Courthouse

505 State Street, 4th Floor

Syracuse, NY 13202

Dear Tony,

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all your extra effort and assistance recently while we sorted through difficulties related to the return of bail. I sincerely appreciate you attention to the details of this matter and in trying to achieve a resolution that would still protect and comply with all requirements of your office.

Best wishes for the new year,


Green & Seifter, Attorneys, PLLC



Thank you so much for helping me with the Order of Protection last week. Your professionalism and friendly attitude speak for themselves. The City is lucky to have you.


Case Worker, Department of Social Services:Childrens Division


Diana M., Chief Clerk

Third District Court

1850 New York Ave

Huntington, NY 11746

I have had on occasion over the last two years to be engaged as a pro-se defendant in civil litigation. During that period of time I have been in repeated contact with the personnel of the Court and found them to be extremely courteous and helpful. In particular I would like to commend the Assistant Chief Clerk, "Anthony". I have found him to be extremely pleasant and efficient. If ever any of the clerks did not have an answer they turned to Anthony who pursued the matter until a satisfactory answer was given. I have had casual conversations with other plaintiffs at the Huntington Court and about superior attitude and the exceptional competence of Anthony in particular.If all government agencies were conducted in a similar manner life would be alot less complicated.

My sincere thanks to the whole staff and again, in particularly, Anthony.



Dear Mr. M.,

Thank you for your letter complimenting the staff at the Third District Courthouse in Huntington and in particular, Anthony,

You have experienced first hand what we have known, that the staff at the Third District Court are competent, pleasant and efficient.

In fiscally lean times where we are experiencing personnel shortages, it is a tribute to the caliberof an employee to still maintain his/her professionalism.

Your letter will be placed in Anthony's personnel file, and again, thank you for taking the time to communicate your thoughts.

Very truly yours,

Roger H., Chief Clerk


Mr. R., Chief Clerk

Suffolk County District Court

Central Islip, NY 11722

Dear Mr. R.,

The undersigned has been practicing law for forty years, most of which has been in general litigation practice on Long Island.

I have always felt that the court personnel in both Nassau and Suffolk are of the highest quality. I recently had an occassion to ask the help of one of your clerk's, Halina M., regarding a serious situatiuon with one of my clients. I must state to you that Ms. M. acted well beyond any reasonable expectations and did her utmost to alleviate a very difficult situation.

I have always believed that when someone extends themselves to assist someone else that they should be commended. The purpose of this letter is to infoem you of her exemplary conduct and devotion to the well being of the court and public.

Thanking you for your attention to this matter.

Truly yours,

Charles B., Attorney at Law


Dear Mr. H.,

I would like to express my thanks and recognize one of your employee's, Linda. The manner in which she performed her job was both kind and professional.

I needed certain records for employement and she helped me obtain these quickly and was very friendly in doing so. People who have the qualities she showed are an asset to any office and are due recognition for their fine job.


Many thanks,




Dear Kathy,

I wanted to express to you how appreciative I was for the extremely resourceful way in which you helped me on the phone Friday, I remind you that, even before you knew I was out an of state attorney (although permitted to practice in New York) you offered to go the "extra mile" to provide me with information about an archived case. I will tell you that the information you were able to give me on the phone was instrumental in permitting the parties to come to an amicable resolution of the case without the necessity of burdening the Court with an order to show cause. I am certain we could not have done so without you.

It is my sincere hope that your supervisors and the Clerk of the Court are aware of the tremendous asset they have in you. Both my client and I are grateful for your help.

Wishing you all the best,

Arthur N., Attorney at Law


District Court of Suffolk County

Attn: Mr. Mike P.

Criminal Department, Room D-220

400 Carleton Avenue

Central Islip, NY 11722

Dear Mr. P.,

On several occasions this week I have had the pleasure of working, via telephone, with Linda Z. regarding court documents needed for a sentencing case pending in Federal District Court. I had requested information on the numerous arrests handled through your court on our defendant, some cases as old as 1983.

Linda was extremely helpful in locating, double checking, and follwing up with me regarding these arrests. She was very patient, courteous and professional. She extended an invitation to continue our contact should I have any questions or continued to need help. She is a tremendous asset to your office. It's getting more and more uncommon to find someone who literally stops what their doing, without a sigh, to give another agency a hand with a huge request.

Thank you for letting me have an opportunity to again extend my thanks to Linda for all of her time and for expediting this very important information to out office.


Maureen, U.S. Probation Officer, Presentence Investigation Unit, South Carolina


Honorable Jonathon J. L.

Office of Court Administration

25 Beaver Street

New York, NY 10004

Dear Judge L.,

Yesterday I had an occasion, not as an attorney, but as a litigant to attend the Suffolk County District Court for the Third District. Without boring you with the details, there was a problem with the file in the case.

In attempting to locate the file I had the pleasure of dealing with a clerk assigned to the Court. I want you to know that Ms. Chris D. is precisely the kind of personthat the Office of Court Adminstration and the general court system can and should be proud of. Without knowing or caring who I was, she was more than courteous and spent significant time and extended every effort to be of service. I commend her and her colleagues for their professionalism and respondsibility.

As always, with best wishes,


Albanese & Albanese LLP


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