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Richmond County Court


Office of the County Clerk
County of Richmond
130 Stuyvesant Place
Staten Island, New York 10301

Dear Mr. M.,

I would like to thank you, Mr. T., and other members of the Office of the County Clerk for your outstanding customer service.

Everyone I spoke with tried to meet my needs in determining if my grandfather, Donato V., had ever become a naturalized U.S. citizen. Such a strong focus on customer service is a positive reflection of your organization's leadership.


Thomas V.

The Hon. Stephen F.
Commissioner of Jurors
130 Stuyvesant Street
Staten Island, NY 10301

Dear Commissioner:

Three weeks ago I was notified to report for jury duty. I am writing to commend you on the excellent staff that I encountered, especially the Chief Clerk, Bill. At all times they were courteous, polite, and helpful and explained the process clearly and with much emphasis on our civic responsibilities. The facilities were clean and orderly, though I would have appreciated a quiet zone to be able to read my medical journals without the distraction of TV or telephones.

I'm proud that our Staten Island jury procedures can serve as a model for the rest of the city and elsewhere.

Sincerely yours,


Mr. Ronald C., Chief Clerk
Surrogates Court
18 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10305

Dear Mr. C.,

Right before the holidays I visited the court to copy my grandparents wills. I was assisted by both Leonard and Marisa. These two people are to be commended for not only their fantastic customer service but also for their caring manner.

I just wanted to pass this along to you, because you have two very fine people working for you. Please pass along my thanks to both of them again.





Commissioner Stephen J. F.
Office of Richmond County
130 Stuyvestant Place
Staten Island, NY 10301

Dear Mr. F.,

I wanted to drop you a quicj note to let you know what a pleasure it was to be assisted by Ms. Meriam F. My clients, who are senior citizens, needed certain documents from the court and were fortunate to be helped by Ms. F. Ms. F. realizing that my clients were elderly and a bit confused took them under her wing and made sure that they left the courthouse with the documentation that they needed. Ms. F. truly gives meaning to the pharse public servant. I thank her and commend you on your selection of staff.

With sincere thanks,





Thanks so very much for going out of your way to help us. You cannot imagine how much you have done for us. It had been such a mess. You make the world a better place.

Thanks again,




Honorable John A. F., Richmond County Surrogate's Court


On behalf of my client and myself I would like to extend our appreciation to the staff of the Richmond County Suurogate's Court for their assistence in the referenced probate proceeding. In particular, I would like to acknowledge the extraordianry support and professionalism of Mrs. Ann C. Both in person and over the telephone, Mrs. C. was prompt, polite and proficient in answering questions and reviewing submitted documents. She was a pleasure to work with during the proceeding.

Again, thank you and your fine staff,

Lawrence, Attorney at Law



Dear Ronald C.,

My sincere thanks and appreciation to you, Judge F. and staff for all your time and effort in quickly expediting my testmentary papers, and for your kindness.


Teddi, Michael and Family


Honorable Judith S. K.
Chief Judge, Court of Appeals
Court of Appeals Hall, 20 Eagle Street
Albany, NY 12207

Re: Surrogate Court, Richmond County

Dear Judge K.,

Please accept this letter as a compliment to yourself as an administrator of justice in the State of New York. I have had matters before the Surrogate Court of Richmond County and I wish to congratulate Surrogate John F. on something that seems extraordinary to me in my experience. An efficient and user friendly public service. Although I do not like to single out people because I have found all of the clerks there to be enormously helpful, I will mention Lisa J., Ann C. and the Chief Clerk, Ronald C., who in reviewing a recent petition were extremely helpful and courteous in their dealings with me.In their review they not only showed an eagerness to help the petitioner, but an expertise that made the process work better for my client and me. These same compliments are extended to the other clerks who have all been equally helpful and expert; James D., Robert R., and the court attorneys R. Paul B. and Jerry J.

Respectfully yous,

Jesse F.


Stephen J. F., County Clerk
130 Stuyvesant Place
Staten Island, NY 10308

Mr. F.,

I am writing to inform you of what a valuable employee you have in Maria. (I apologize but I was unable to catch her last name) I received a rejected morgage from your county due to thew legal description missing metes and bounds. I made numerous attempts to obtain the correct legal requirements through our title company with no results because the deed was recorded in 1947.

In a final attempt to resolve the issue, I contacted your county to gather additional information. The person that answered the phone was vey short and would not provide any assistance, as it was bnot county policy. I was then transferred to Maria.

I explained my ordeal to Maria and she graciously searched your records. Maria was able to locate the information that I requested and offered to fax it to me. Unfortunely, we were having issues with the fax machine that day. I had to call Maria back twice to request she resend the documents numerous times and it was unsuccessful. In turn Maria took the initiative to mail the documents to me. I received the legal description, along with maps in today's mail.

This is such an unusual scenario that I had to bring Maria's outstanding display of customer service to your attention. She stepped out of the box and took time to assist me with my problem.

We are located in Roanoke, Virginia so it is not possible for us to personally go to the courthouse. Without Maria's assistance I would never have been able to resolve this rejected morgage. Not only did she take time out of her busy schedule to assist me, but she went the extra mile.

Maria assisted me in a very professional manner and I am extremely grateful for her efforts. This type of professional maner cannot go unrewarded. I sincerely hope that Maria gets the recognition that she so deserves for a job well done. Please thank Maria once again for her assistance.


Candias, Wachovia Bank, N.A.


Surrogate's Court of Richmond County
County Court House
Staten Island, NY 10301
c/o Mr. John A. F.

Re: Commendations to Mrs. Ann C. and the Surrogate's Court staff for unparalled assistance in their administration and service to 9/11 victims.

Mrs. Ann C. has personally guided me through numerous pitfalls that arose from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks relating to the administration of my deceased wife's estate. Mrs. C. has given me invaluable guidance in dealing with situations under her jurisdiction and expertise.

On one such occassion in dealing with some problems in establishing an estate account she was most professional and helpful. The numerous legal documents and proceedings were made easier through her knowledge and understanding of my situation and what I needed to accomplish.

I could go on and on about the stress and difficulty that was avoided because of Mrs. C's assistance. She and the staff at the Surrogate's Court of Richmond County are an example of fine and professional employees, and I thank them.

Please relay my highest regards to your staff.




Quality Service