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TO: Anthony D.
Chief Clerk

FROM: Joan D.
Fiscal Office

SUBJECT: Eric B. - Fire Extinguished on 5th Floor

This morning at approximately 10:45 AM a fire broke out in the chambers of Judge T., Room 548. Apparently, a calculator was sitting on top of a halogen floor lamp. The lamp was turned on and soon the heat of the lamp caused both items to erupt fire. Judge T. immediately called out to his secretary, Rita Herman, to get help.

Rita ran out into the hallway and alerted SCO Dan Hornbeck. Luckily Eric B. was in the vicinity of the Security Desk and immediately ran into the Fiscal Office and grabbed our fire extinguisher and then ran back into Judge T.' chambers to extinguish the flames of the fire.

While Eric was extinguishing the fire Judge T. attempted to locate another extinguisher to help Eric. By the time the Judge arrived with the second extinguisher the fire was already out.

Shortly thereafter, members of our security staff were stationed outside the chambers and eventually the Fire Department arrived to check out the station.

Dan A., Building Custodian, and Maclaren C., the Borough Supervisor, visited the chambers a short time ago. Mr. C. will arrange for a custodial team to begin a cleaning of Judge T.' chambers today, beginning at 3:00PM. It will be necessary for a Court Aide or Security personnel to be present. The clean-up should be finished no later than 10pm tonight.

Hon. Steven W. F.
Administrative Judge
Queens Supreme Court
88-11 Sutphin Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11435

Dear Judge F.:

I have just completed three weeks of Jury Service at the Supreme Court at Kew Gardens. I served as the jury foreman at the Carl M. trial. It was presided over by the Honorable Judge John L.. I would like to share some of the thoughts of my fellow jurors and I...

  • We wish to acknowledge the professionalism of Judge L.. Right from the first day of jury selection he was clear with his directions and information regarding the case. We knew what to expect and roughly how long it would take. Throughout the trial he would give us updates on the timeline of the trial and this was very helpful to us in planning our work accordingly. We felt that he was very fair and equal to both the prosecution and defense. His instructions to us were very helpful in clarifying the law & how it pertained to our decisions.
  • As you know, no trial would take place without the support and work of others. Again we would like to acknowledge the efforts of several people. First and foremost, we wish to thank and recognize the help of Court Officer Don S. who became our "Den Mother" throughout the lengthy trial. His good humor and professionalism make him a tribute to his profession. We would also add to that the names of the other Court Officers. Lewis U., Luis F. and John S..
  • Because of the number of witnesses and seriousness of the charges, we needed to have the testimony of several witnesses re-read to us by the Court Reporter. We all we grateful for the service and endurance of Mr. Michael B. who patiently read several hours of testimony back to us. It really made a difference in our deliberations.

Judge F., I want you to know how important we took our role. In light of events in the Mid-East where young men and women are putting their lives on the line to defend our way of life, we had a sobering sense of responsibility. We also had a difficult case to be part of However all of us felt a great sense of achievement once it was over. We would hope that all of our fellow citizens could share in our feelings. Serving as a juror- a first for all of us- is a wonderful way of celebrating our citizenship and freedom. I look jbrward to my next time.


Chris F.

Anthony D.:
Chief Clerk-Queens Supreme Court
88-11 Sutphin Blvd.,
Jamaica, NY 11435

Re: Angela R.

Dear Mr. D.:

I am writing this letter to advise you that Ms. R., the Court Clerk of the Honorable Joseph D., is the most pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable clerk that I have contact with on a regular basis in all the Boroughs, bar none!

Balancing of schedules is particularly problematic for many practitioners. Ms. R. always acts in a flexible and reasonable manner in order to facilitate everyone's needs---and she performs her tasks in an even-handed manner.

She is firm yet respectful and I believe her virtues should be acknowledged.

She is a tribute to your Courthouse as well as to Judge D., to whom high praise is due as well.

I would not be surprised if Ms. R. 's personnel file already contains numerous acknowledgments of her character and demeanor. It would be a pleasure to have my letter added, if at all possible.


Laurence H.

LHO: sy

TO: TONY D., Chief Clerk


I would like to bring to your attention a dangerous situation which was remedied by our extremely valuable employee, Steve G., in spite of obstacles and criticism as to his expert suggestions.

I was recently returned to my Chambers, Room 562, after a six month temporary displacement due to the construction on the 5th floor. Steve was extremely helpful in getting my Chambers back in order.

Due to my illness, I have difficulty using my hands and was physically unable to turn the door knobs in Chambers. On several occasions, I was unable to turn the knob on the Chambers bathroom door and was trapped inside. I had to depend upon Chambers staff to turn the knob in order for me to get out. This was not only inconvenient, but also life threatening, since I do not bring any oxygen into the bathroom with me. If I were alone in Chambers, with no one to lend assistance, the consequences could be extremely hazardous.

I had called Steve, who at first tried to fix the door knob so it would be easier to turn it. Unfortunately, that did not work. After I had been unable to get out again, I reported the incident to Steve, and he realized that what was necessary for me was a handicap handle on the bathroom door. Through his efforts, the handicap door knob was purchased by the Court and, recognizing budgetcontraints, he expeditiously installed it himself, making sure that it was in proper working order so that I would not be in this dangerous situation again.

I want to express my deep appreciation and thanks to Steve, and apprise you of the fact, which you must already know, that we have an extremely competent, considerate, compassionate and valuable employee here in Supreme Court, Queens County, who deserves recognition.

cc: Hon. Steven W.
Steve G.

The Hon. Steven W. F.
Administrative Judge, Eleventh Judicial District
Supreme Court of the State of New York
Queens County
88-11 Sutphin Boulevard
Jamaica, NY 11435

Re: PeoDle v. John Taylor
Ind. Nos. 1845/2000 &1012/2001

Dear Judge F.:

I post this letter to commend the fine work that was exhibited by the entire court staff throughout the recently completed trial before your Honor of the abovelisted indictment.

Based upon my years of experience working within the court administration, I am particularly sensitive to the difficulties faced by the court staff during a lengthy, passionately contested, high-profile trial. These difficulties were obviously compounded by the potential consequences presented by the added dimension of capital punishment. The selection of jurors was not only more protracted and complicated but required genuine concern and sensitivity on the part of the staff to all parties. The orderly presentment of witnesses and exhibits required procedures insuring the preservation of all parties 'claims in perpetuity and are thus far more complicated than under ordinary circumstances. Of course, all of these demands must be managed by the staff against the backdrop of the public 's keenly focused scrutiny, as well as the painful attention of the many family members so sadly impacted by the subject crimes.

It was my observation that the members of your Honor's staff followed your lead and at all times provided the litigants, witnesses, jurors and spectators with the most dignified atmosphere in which to conduct a capital trial. Particularly noteworthy was the performance of T. S., the court clerk, who managed all aspects of the proceeding with true decorum, as well as by John M. who so capably assisted at critical junctures of the proceedings. The court officers, Terry R., Vincent D., Debra R., T. G., Melvin O. and Harold B. performed with sensitivity and model professionalism. Particularly praiseworthy are Sergeant T. M., who supervised and secured the very tense courtroom and Supreme Court Officer Sharon M., who served as "Bridge Officer" for the entire trial and flawlessly managed the more than 150 exhibits of physical evidence, as well as seeing to the needs of not just all witnesses and jurors, but to the legions of prospective jurors called to service.

Finally, I am impressed that the proceedings placed significant pressures on the court reporters assigned to the trial. Rochelle W., Michelle L., Lorraine M. and Michelle S. conducted themselves with consummate professionalism, while flawlessly handling their duties.

On behalf of Assistant District Attorney Daniel S. and myself, I wish to impart that it was our profound privilege and pleasure to have had the opportunity to have worked with each of these individuals.

Very truly yours,

Robert J.
Supreme Court Trial Bureau I

Dear Ms. S.:

The jurors who served on the three week trial of Peo. v. Sheina R.. Ind. No. 134500 in Part K-5 were thanked by the court at the conclusion of their service on October26. They each expressed high praise and gratitude for the professionalism of the court operation and personal. expecially the Court Reporter.

The jurors actually applauded, hugged and expressed love and appreciation for Debra R.. the Court Reporter who was present with me in the jury room. Mrs. R. performed her duties exceptional well during this trial conducted by ADA kevin F. and Judah M.. Esq. Despite work conditions which were cold (due to broken court window) and hot (humid weather). she performed professionally throughout the trial and furnished read back of testimony for half a day.

The jurors were appreciative and complementary ad to the work and professionalism of my excellent court clerk. Caroline E., as well as of Sgt. T. Z., SCO Frank L., SCO Ivan M. and SCO Joseph R..

The jurors stated that they enjoyed their jury experience and appreciated the care shown for their needs by SCO's Brian B.. Sharon M. Muriel R. and Particulary, Robert W.

This Court concurs with the jurors as to the excellent and professional service done by each of the named individuals. I also commend them for their diligent work during the trial and on the many matters that arose during this term, in which I served as emergency judge.

Please be so kind as to place a copy of this in their personnel files.

Sincerely yours,

Danial L. JSC

Hon. Robert J. N.
Surrogate's Court, Queens County
88-11 Sutphin Boulevard.
Jamica, New York 11435

Re: Estate of Michael N.

Dear Surrogate N.:

This office assisted its employee, Merrilly N., in preparing the documentation necessary for her to obtain authority to act on behalf of her son's estate. You will recall that he was the service member killed in the Pentagon attack. You and your staff immediately reviewed the submission and awarded temporary Letters of Administration to his mother so that she could retrieve decedent's property from the United State Navy.

It was with some professional pride that I disclosed to Ms. N. while she was away in Washington DC at her son's memorial services that our professional had responded sensitively and promptly to a national tragedy.

Thank you very much.



Quality Service Division
Office of Court Administration
Alfred E. Smith Building
PO Box 7040
Albany, NY 12214-0256

Re: Linda B.

Dear Sir/Madame:

I am writing this letter to acknowledge and praise a Queens Surrogate's Court employee, Linda B. Ms. B. works in the Miscellaneous Department of said court. I believe that you should be made aware of the outstanding job she does in the performance of her duties.

During the last year I have had four very complicated estate matters that I had to bring before Ms. B.. Three of the estates went back more that 30 years. Ms. B. was an invaluable source of help and information. She was more than kind. Although Ms. B. appears to be a "one-man band" in her department, she always made the time to speak to me, to advise me and point me in the right direction. If I mailed her documents, she would promptly get back to me, either be phone or mail, to advise me on making corrections and tell me what steps I should take next.

It is patently obvious that Ms. B. is an expert in her field. She aids and assists people by sharing her knowledge in a courteous and professional manner.

I know that it is easy to find fault with a court employee who is overloaded with work and short on patience. This is exactly why it is my pleasure to write to you about an employee that may bave a great deal of work to do, but she always finds the patience to assist people with questions. I wish that all of the court employees could follow Ms. B.'s example.

Very truly yours,

Susan R.

Justice F.
Queens County Supreme Court
88-11 Sutphin Blvd.
Jamica, NY 11435

Dear Justice F. and Moot Court:

This letter is to thank you for the court sponsored program which allowed for the tour of the Queens County Supreme Courthouse by our class of sixth grade students from P.S. 11 on May 25. The Moot Court and tour was arranged by Law Clerk Peter Lane and hosted by Justice P. Participating in the program that day was Justice Martin R. Supreme Court Officer Noreen M., Court Reporters Howard G. and Reid G., County Clerk employees Roselynn L., Laura T. and Richard M. from the juror division, as well as Correction Officer Dina W. The above persons conducted an impressive and informative tour of the courthouse and its facilities.

The collaboration between the courts with our school has helped our students understand the legal system and appreciated the role of the courts in the community. The students also learned that there is a clear connection between school performance and opportunities in the work place, and perhaps some of them have been given the seeds of motivation that will lead them towards careers in law.

The Queens Supreme Court's involvement and investment in our education system goes beyond "symbolic efforts" and will definitely improve educational effectiveness and standards.

The P.S. 11 students, parents, and administration thank you and the above-mentioned participants for making our trip to the court a success.


Theodore R.
Assistant Principal

Mr. Bill F.
New York State Supreme Court
Griffing Avenue
Riverhead, New York 11901

Dear Mr. F.:

I recently presided over the high profile trial in Suffolk County of People v. Edward M. and Patrick M. which lasted for approximately six weeks.

Roe S. was assigned as the reporter for the duration of the trial. The case involved seven attorneys. thousands of exhibits and heated arguments were not unusual.

Ms. S. always arrived early and inobtrusively maintained a fine record. All readbacks were immediately and accurately done.

Ms. S. was truly an asset to me in this arducos and often volatile trial. I highly commend her for her hard work and exceptional skills. She is truly an asset to the court system.

Yours truly,

Richard L.

Mr. Felix F.
Deputy Chief Clerk Queens County
125-10 Queens Boulevard
Kew Gardens, New York 11415

Dear Felix:

Even though we did speak earlier today, I still felt the need to reduce my comments to you in writing.

Far to many times I see attorneys and judges alike take for granted the service the court staff performs on a daily basis. We are all very quick to call with our complaints and demands, but forget to take the time to say thank you when it is warranted. In my case it is warranted, and well past due.

As I told you, approximately two weeks ago I had a situation in W50 where my client stated that he never received his probation papers while in court, and thus did not go for his interview. Being young, he did not understand the seriousness of his situation, and surely would have found himself incarcerated by the times his case was on for sentencing due to his failure to report. At the time, I was on trial with Judge M. and did not have the time necessary to rectify this matter immediatedly. While on my way to court, on the elevator, I ran into Margaret G. and told her of my client's predicament, and would it be possible to stop by the following day to get copies of the papers. The next thing I knew, while in Judge M.'s courtroom, Margaret appeared with copies of the papers in hand so that I could immediatedly forward them to my client. To me, this went above and beyond the normal responsibilities her job entails.

Further, I cannot begin to tell you how often both Margaret and Marco have taken into consideration my schedule, and the demands placed upon me as attorney, and bent over backwards to aid me in doing my job. They have always treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy and I felt it was time for me to take a moment and express my gratitude to you, as their supervisor, for the exemplary job you all perform on a daily basis.

Again, let me once again express my gratitude to you and your staff.

Yours, etc.

Anne J.


Your Honor, On behalf of the K-20 Jurors, we would like to thank you the clerks, the officers, the attorneys and everyone involved with this case for making our experience and stay as pleasant as possible.

Thank you,

K-20 Jurors

Honorable Steven W. F., JSC
Justice of The Supreme Court, and
Administrative Judge, County of Queens
88-11 Sutphin Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11435

Dear Justice F.,

Please accept this comment from an old practitioner, to say that your room 25 mortgage foreclosure procedure is, in my opinion, far superior to that of Nassau, Suffolk, et al. where they still conduct the sales on the front steps of the Courthouse, Post Office, Town Hall, etc.

More importantly, that fellow you have running the sales, Jeff C., is excellent: efficient, competent, businesslike, yet with a sense of humor, when propitious.

It is a pleasure to practice in your court.


William F.

Queens Supreme Court
Attn: Anthony D., Chief Clerk
88-11 Sutphin Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11435

Re: My highest regard and gratitude for the professionalism of the Guardianship Part clerk's office

Dear Mr. D.:

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for each of the clerks within the Guardianship Part. Their constant willingness to patiently explain, help and expeditiously process the necessary paperwork is deeply appreciated, and this came to fore during a recent complicated matter.

I can sincerely state that the assistance fo the clerk's office made a substantial difference, especially the assistance of Tamara K.. I am grateful to her, as well as the entire office. Their professionalism is a grate reflection upon Queens county, the court, and you.

I thank you and hope that this letter will provide a sense accomplishment, if not pride.

Truly yours,

Christopher S.

Honorable Steven F.
Chief Justice
Supreme Court County of Queens
State of New York
88-I 1 Sutphin Boulevard
Jamaica. NY 11435

Most Respectfully Stated:

This is in reference to my jury duty as a Grand Jury foreman Supreme Court county of Queens, State of New York from June 19 to July 14.

First I would like to state that this was my first experience to be on a jury. I have come from Pakistan. Juries are not a part of Pakistan's judicial system. Therefore. I was wondering how I would discharge my duty as juror. I was fearful of the magnitude and general atmosphere during the selection process. The fear and the anxiety were due to my ethnic background, and of my first time as juror.

The first day I reported for duty. I was very happy to find out that there was nothing to fear. I must say that the United States is the best country in the world that treats everyone equally regardless of their color, race and national origin. What I heard and read, the equal treatment and opportunity for all is true.

The way the jury system works is commendable. This is not only my feeling. but the feeling of our group. Before selection, everyone of us was under pressure as to how we would discharge our civic duty. After it was all over. all of us found out what a great job being on a jury was, and that there was nothing to fear.

There exists one general thinking and belief in the mind of people at large that they like to avoid jury duty. People also very reluctantly accept this civic duty. This impression was given to me while I was a prospective juror. PeopIe use to say that to be a juror is like being in jail, a waste of time and that there is nothing good. After jury duty. I realized that the previous information is absolutely false. It is a misconception among the people whom I socialize wfth. I have learned valuable information and have been more educated than before my service as a juror. I now encourage my friends to senice on a jury and assure them that there is nothing to fear.

I would like to end this letter by stating that the following officers were very friendly and have provided us the effective assistance and guidance as to how we discharge our duty as jurors. Their ministerial function is highly commendable. Each and every officer designated in this matter did an excellent job. Each of them was very cooperative and efficient.

1. Mr. Anthony L. B.
2. Mr. Al B.
3. Mr. Nick M.
4. Mr. Bob P.

Once again I extend from the bottom of my heart my thanks to all those who have provided us their excellent services and cooperation.

Respectfully, .

Sardar M.
Building Manager

cc: Commissioner of Jurors
Supreme Court County of Queens
State of New York
88-l1 Sutphin Boulevard
Jamaica. NY 11435

Richard A. B. Esq.
District Attorney
Queens County, State of New York
125-01 Queens Boulevard
Kew Gardens. NY 11415


Hon. Steven W. F.
Administrative Judge
Supreme Court: Queens County
88-11Sutphin Blvd.
Jamaica. New York 11435

RE:: Mr. Al L.

Dear Justice F.:

There are times that lawyers complain about the system. This letter is not one of them.

Not long ago I was faced with a serious problem of having a notice of pendency expire. Under the rules once it expires it cannot be revived retroactive to the date of the expiratlon. I had taken precaution to request the IAS judge assigned to extend the lien against real property at least a month prior to expiration. Unfortunately, after the application (unopposed) was sent to the Court for signature. the assigned Justice was on vacation followed by the observance of the Jewish Holidays. What followed was a series of miscommunications which left me with precious little time to obtain that extension.

When I event to Special Term with a new Order to Show Cause Mr. L. overheard the emergency being explained to one of the clerks. At that point he took over. During the next two hours he obtained the signature of the another Justice to grant my ex-parte application. He then assigned one of the clerk's in his office to walk me through the county clerk's office making sure that all appropriate sections recorded the document.

What he accomplished was to have recorded the extension of the notice of pendency just before its deadline. My client later was able to recover a substantial sum of money from her ex-husband for child support arrears. If it were not for the courtesy and professionalism of Mr. L. my client would have not received the necessary support. It was only afterwards that I learned of his name.

I am sure that there are others like Mr. L. but I wanted you to be aware of his work ethic to go that extra yard to service the public.

Wishing you and yours the best of the Holiday Season and Healthy and Happy New Year.


Attorney at law



Quality Service