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Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

Dear Mr. Mayor:

This letter is to commend the job performances of a wonderful, kind and extremely helpful judge and his dedicated staff. I am tenant currently engaged in a landlord-tenant action at the Harlem Courthouse.

My case was assigned to Ruben A. (acting housing Supreme Court Justice) on Feb 7th. Judge M. is a personable and respectful judge, who helped me understand what was happening with my case. Although I paid all rents due to my landlord, full credit for my payments are being disputed. I am 65 years old and this entire ordeal has been extremely stressful. My health is not at it's best, and from March 3rd through March 11th. I had to be hospitalized. However, it is a pleasure to write this letter complimenting Judge M. for the excellent work he is doing, his immeasurable efforts should be recognized and rewarded.

Mr Mayor would you please note the central personnel folder for judge Ruben A. and the below mentioned staff, who are doing a job above and beyond the call of duty.

Court Clerk: Sharon B. ( Senior Court Office Assistant : Sabrina B.)
Court Officers: Audra M., Mark P. and Jessica H.
Court Supervisor: Thomas

I am forever thankful for the kindness, professional assistance, and most of all, the respectful courtesy shown to me. I truly believe they are doing an excellent job and reflect favorably on the training and staffing initiatives of the department(s) they represent. Professional courteous assistance is always appreciated, especially in a time of need. Judge Ruben Andres M. and the above-mentioned staff truly know the meaning of professional courteous assistance.

In closing, please express my perpetual thanks by forwarding a copy of this correspondence to each above-mentioned individual, in addition to noting both their central and job site personnel folders. I don't have the words to aptly appreciate these young men and women for doing the exceptional, and exercising their duties with excellence.

I remain eternally grateful.

Sincerely, Nancy H.

cc: Hillary C., U.S. Senator
Charles R., U.S. Congressman
Phil R., City Councilman

Honorable Laura G. D.
Judge-In-Charge Civil
Court of the City of New York
County of the Bronx, Housing Part
1118 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10456

Dear Justice D.:

I am writing to commend two of your employees Brenna S. (Room 250) and Essie (Window 8). Both employees exemplify the "Good Service" policy posted in your Court building. Ms. Brenna Sherman is extremely articulate, knowledgeable and competently handled my legal matter expediting its completion. Essie exemplified "excellent" customer service facilitating on three occasions the processing of my papers.

On the other hand, let me also highlight the confusion and erroneous information provided by the pro se attorney, who directed me to order the original files and prepare Nunc Pro Tune affidavits, despite my presentation of copies of the identical documents required for certified copies. Due to this advice I wasted six weeks waiting for original papers rather than simply being directed to obtain certified copies of the judgments in hand. Additionally, the affidavits for Nunc Pro Tune were denied on the basis that the modified judgments existed in the files. When Ms. S. identified the appropriate documents the matter was resolved in 30 minutes in contrast to the 6 weeks and 2 days I spent trying to obtain certified copies of the judgments.

Please recognize your employees for outstanding work and I hope I can anticipate improvements in the way legal advice is provided and processed in your Courts.


Muriel O.

cc: Brenna S.
Essie (Window 8)
Hon. Howard S., Supervising Judge
Hon. Joan B. C., Deputy Chief Administrative Judge NYC Courts
Hon. Ann T. P., Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Management Support I/ Hon. Judith S. K., Chief Judge of the State of New York

Stewart F., Chief Clerk
Civil Court, County of Kings
141 Livingston Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Honorable Karen R.
Administrative Judge
Civil Court, County of Kings
141 Livingston Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Dear Your Honor and Mr. F.:

    I write to request your assistance in a matter concerning an outstanding member of the Kings County Civil Court System. Theresa P.

As an attorney in private practice and a frequent litigant in room 1101, I have witnessed Ms. P. make the extraordinarily difficult job of running the pro-se part look almost easy. My colleagues who know her agree with me that Ms. P. projects the authority and commands the respect necessary to bring order to what would otherwise certainly be chaos. Her quick wit and intelligence shine through as she addresses and coordinates with Judges and others to solve with amazing efficiency the inevitable and innumerable problems that arise in the part.

    I have been informed that Ms. P. will soon be transferred away from room 1101. I write to you today to beseech you to stop this from happening. While I understand that other well-qualified members of the Civil Court System may perform just fine running 1101, I find it hard to believe that any of them will match Ms. P.

    It has been said of baseball legend Babe Ruth that watching him play, it almost seemed as if he was born just to play the game. It would have been unimaginable to tear Babe Ruth from the field upon which he so naturally performed and relegate him to any other job.

    I respectfully submit that removing Theresa P. the Babe Ruth of room 1101, from her current job would be tantamount to doing just that.


Jonathan S. K

Mr. Jack B
Chief Clerk, Civil Court, City Court of N. Y.
111 Certre Street
New York, N. Y. 10013

Dear Mr. B:

    I want to take the time to write a letter of comendation for three staff working at the Civil Court at 141 Livingston St. Brooklyn, room 303.

    They are Mr. Bob G., Ms. Kay F. and Mr. Stewart F. I found them extremely, friendly, Courteous and helpful, as well as willing to take the to time solve that had become a major problem for me in attempting to locate an old court document, so as to get my own copy properly certified. On a previous visit to the records room I had been told that staff there had searahed their files but couId not find the specific file in question. The three employees mentioned above took the time to speak with me, ascertained the nature and importance of my problem and then took every step they could think of to try and reach a solution.

    Finally Mr. G. went down to Room 007 and said he would search all the 1950 files relating to "name changed documents". In doing so he managed to find the original document and they then proceeded to resolve the issub for me. While all three clearly made a special effort to be helpful, Mr. G. in particular really went out of his way.

    Since the matter took some time to resolve I spent some time in the general waiting area of Room 303. I also want to comment on the favorable impression made by other members of the staff of that unit. They seemed to work well together as a real team, assisting each other when it got very busy, and twice staff came out from behind the enclosed room to check on people in the waiting area who seemed lost or confused. Such actions to my mind speaks well for the day by day supervision of that unit.

     As the former Director of the Brooklyn Public Library, now retired, I am well aware about levels of public service and supervision. Both qualities were clearly present on that date (Jan. 22nd).

Larry B.

Mr. Joe M.
Bronx Civil Court
851 Grand Concourse
Bronx, New York 10451

Dear Mr. M.:

This letter is in follow up to my recent contact with one of your employee, Ms. Margie C., on Friday, December 27, in aiding me on how to go about a claim in Small Claims Court, as well as other directions that were needed for my claim. She was very courteous when I filed the claim and was indeed very helpful when I had to cancel my court appearance by phone due to the fact that the claim was settled on the morning of my appearance, Thursday, January 31st.

Ms. C. truly exemplifies professionalism. She seems ready and willing at all times to handle the public day in and day out in a professional manner regardless of what the situation may be.
She has left a solid impression on me and I am sure is indeed a great co-worker to have.

Again, I just Leant to thank Ms. C. for all her help.

Very truly yours,

Joy S.

RE: Special TermII
Dear Sir:

I am sending you this letter to let you know that one of your Clerks in the Special Term II was extremely helpful and understanfing. Her name is Joanne (I don 't know her last name).

I was at the ofice with a nane change for my daughter, and it seemed that there might be a problem. Joanne suggested that before I continue that I check with the Department of Health. I did at her suggestion. When I returned to the office to obtain certified copies of the Order. Joanne was very helpful and patient.

I just want you to know that some Clerks do have the understanding and patience for the layman with the Court system.

Very truly yours

Sharyn C.

Mr. Thomas T., Chief Clerk
Civil Court - Housing
Room 361
89-17 Sutphin Boulevard
Jamaica, New York 11432

Dear Mr. T.:

I wanted to write this letter to you and let you know what a really great bunch of kind, caring, patient, human beings you have working in the Civil Court system.

My husband, Donald P. C., is in a wheelchair and this week we have been to housing, Civil Court, three days, and I just wanted you to know that the court officers helped me with Don's oxygen tank because he sometimes has seizures when he is scared or under stress they were all so polite and helpful.

I also want you to know the court staff are a sight for sore eyes because most of us, are afraid and we don't know what to expect, particularly when it is your home. Everyone from the court officers, the staff and both the Honorable Judge Pam J. and the Honorable Judge Margaret P. M. were so human to everyone.

I think you should know that as my husband and I sat in the courtroom and listened and watched, I kept on reading the words in back of the Judge's chair "IN GOD WE TRUST" and I must tell you everyone we met in the court system certainly exemplifies the very finest in being a honest kind human being and upholding our legal system.

The television set explaining the Housing Court also made it much easier. But most important, the humaneness of everyone and well from two very appreciative and respectful people, thank all of you for just being you.

God bless you all.


Amy K. A.

Mr. Barry C.
Deputy Clerk of the Court
Civil Court of the City of New York
111 Centre Street, Room 936
New York, New York 10013

Dear Mr. C.:

Thank you very much for providing assistance in locating the "Kissin" cases. Your diligent search and effort are sincerely appricated. It is rare to find a person that will go out of his or her way so graciously as you did today.


Jennifer E.

Civil Court
141 Livingston Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201 Room 203

To: Interpreters' Supervisor
Re: Lara K.

I wish to express my gratitude to the court's administration for the fact, that there are Russian interpreters in court. This allows one to feel more protected and believe in the fairness of the American court. I would like to note the professional work of your interpreter Lara K.: She is kind and calm. It can be felt that she is conversant with the laws and therefore, interprets in a professional manner. I wish Lara and your collective all the best of luck, good health and wish that you continue to help people and be needed.


Anna G.

Mr. Charles Q.
Civil Court of the State of New York - New York County
111 Centre Street
Room 225
New York City 10013

Re: Diane K.

Dear Mr. Q.,

I am writing to commend to your attention one of your employees, Diane K.. Yesterday afternoon, I arrived in room 225 at 4:55PM, desperately seeking documentation of a 40-year-old civil matter. Not only did she find the file I needed, she allowed me the time to copy it even though that meant working past 5 PM. A small thing, perhaps, but the sort of generous action one no longer expects anywhere in the world, let alone in a government office. I left Room 225 at 5:05 PM with copies of public documents I had been searching for for months. I also left tremendously grateful to you for running the sort of shop where helping people is still considered a priority.

Thank you, and please pass along my thanks to Ms. K. I hope you value her every day as much as I did yestay.


Dear Ms. A.:

I wanted to thank you and your people for help that I received recently in Room 118. I'm one of hundred of thousand people who came to your office to resolve often not so pleasant issues in civil court. In my case there was a judgement entered mistakenly - it was a fault of the opposite side ( they did not submit necessary papers on time ) and wrong judgement was promptly vacated.

How I found out about the judgement? I was denied a credit ( very unusual !) and was very frustrated to find out that judgement record appeared on my credit report.

In Room 118 I noticed how clerks help people explaining what is the situation and what they need to do and I was lucky to be served by Peter, a pleasant looking gentlement with mustache. He was kind and attentive, explained my options and helped to fill out necessary papers.

What encouraged me to write this letter is Peter's sympathetic attitude to people' needs. I noticed that Peter was caring and attentive not only to me, but also to other visitors. For me Peter's manner is not only a sign of his noble personal merits, but also one more proof - very evident one - that American System of Justice is designed and successfully works for people.

I wanted to thank you and your people for that .


Vladimir Y.

Hon. Jeremy S. W.
Supervising Judge
Queens County Civil Court
89-17 Sutphin Boulevard
Jamica, NY 11435

Dear Judge W.:

This is not a complaint, ( I mean to put you at ease immediately), but rather a commendation.

For reasons beyond my control. I was delayed in arriving at your court to file a Default Judgement on Friday, June 8. Concluding that I had nothing to lose, I entered the building at 4:40 P.M. and stood as third on line, as two additional people were being attended to by the clerks at the window. My turn was called at 4:55 P.M. and I exited the building at 5:02 P.M. on Friday.

Both clerks were extremely polite and devoted as much time as was necessary to assist the customers at their windows - who were laymen being sued or evicted. When my turn came, I was served with extraordinary courtesy and respect, beyond which I thought I deserved taking account of the hour and the day.

I applaud you as Supervising Judge for the high standards which you have instilled in, and which you require of your clerks, and I especially commend them for the sensitive and courteous manner in which they serve the public.

Sincerely yours,

Mr Joseph M., The County Clerk of
Bronx Housing Court
1118 Grand Concourse
Bronx, N. Y. 10456

Dear Mr. M.:

I recently had the privilege and pleasure of meeting and being assisted by Mrs. Cheryl J. I am sure you already know however I would be remiss if I did not inform you of my observation and appreciation of Mrs. J. I found her to be a most unique and rare young lady expecially in this fast pace world of today.

This letter is to acknowledge and inform you of the high degree of professionalism and humaneness shown by Mrs. J. during my apprearance at the housing court regarding my Co-Op on the Concourse. It was my very first time ever being in a housing court under such circumstances. It was Mrs. J.'s innate people's skills coupled with such a dynamic/humane mannerism that aided me. I was profoundly impressed with how she took the time with each person coming to her desk with patience in such calm manner. She is not only a natural people's person but exhibit's a great knowlege and love of her job.

I would like to congratulate Mrs. J. openly for the excellent manner in which she deal with everyone with a sincere concern for the soul/spirit of a person, with dignity, confidence and an extreme air of professionalism.

During my fifty years working in the public in the service of people I have never seen any person demonstrate more poise and dynamic incite of people shown by Mrs. J.

Because of her impact on me I immediately designated her as my Angel for the day, being I did not have a clue to where or what I was to do. Lastly, but not least I congratulate you for having such valued and outstanding staff as Mrs. J. representing your staff.


Addie S.

Clerk of the Civil Court
141 Livingston Street
3rd Floor
Brooklyn, New York
Attn: Ron R.

Re: Francisca T.

Dear Mr. R.:

Believe it or not this is not a letter of compliant. I am writing to express my gratitude for the service and attention provided to me on May 1 by Francisca T.

Ms. T. assisted me in the transfer of a Housing Court case to Civil Court. She and I encountered a procedural nightmare. Ms. T. stayed determined and walked me through with courtesy, competence and respect.

I trust I am not the first attorney to appreciate her quality service but perhaps I am the first to acknowledge it.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Concetta P.

To: Mr. Joseph N.
cc: Civil Court of the City of New York
From: Mr. Benito C.
Re: 56634-00

I am writing this letter in order to express my sincere gratitude for the professional, efficient and calm manor in which I received service via Ms. Veronica R. and Ms. Karen D. On March 05. I arrived at the Bronx County Court House with the purpose of gathering information and direction regarding a judgment I won in Civil Court. When I arrived at window number eight, I must say that, I was very discovaged by the number of people on line and their attitudes. I thought to myself, I have better get comfortable. I am going to be here for a while. I then said to myself not only I have do to stand on a long line but, I also have to deal with City employees and you know what they say about them, unprofessional, lazy and rude.

Well, that stigna may hold uue for some City employees but it most certainly does not hold true for Ms. R. or Ms. D. While waiting on line which became much shorter very fast, thanks to the above mentioned I was able to observe them in action. I was amazed at how profesionally and efficiently they communicated and answered the questions put to them by what I would describe as castomers from hell. The thing that really caught my eye the most was how calm and poised they remained in dealing with the customers. I myself am a City employee (Dept of Environmental Protection) whom interacts with the public on a daily basis but never in a face to face pressure situation like what I observed.

In closing I would liketo say that, you must be very proud to have Ms. R. and Ms. D. on your team. If the rest of your employee's possess the customer service skills and abilities that they do then, I find it safe to assume that you are an excellent manager. I would also like to thank Ms. Susan R. whom was also helpful in providing and clarifying information.

Sincere thanks, in making me feel like I mean something to someone outside of my family and strengthening my confidence in our judicial system.

Mr. Benito C.:


Honorable Fern A. F., Administrative Judge

Civil Court of the City of New York

111 Centre Street

New York, NY 10013

Dear Judge F.,

I would like to thank you for the advice you generously provided earlier this year, and for the work of the Civil Court of Queens in helping me resolve the matter.




Quality Service