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Nassau County Court


Mr. Daniel B.


Office of Community Relations

100 Supreme Court Drive

Mineola, NY 11501

Dear Dan,

I want to thank you for all the hard work you did to ensure that our installation went well. The ceremony was beautiful. You should be commended for such a successful event. I thank you on behalf of myself, my family and my friends.


David P. S.

Nassau County Court Judge


Kathy H.

Chief Clerk

Dear Kathy,

Just the other day I had participated in Career Day at the Powells Lane Elementary School in Westbury. The event was well organized and it was obvious that alot of hard work went into making this a success. I understand that Dan B. was involved with runnung this event and I feel that he should be commended on a job well done.


Carnell T. F.

Judge, Family Court of Nassau County


Dear Ms. H.,

Regarding the evaluations presently taking place, I want to state that Marianne B., my Court Clerk, is and has been doing an outstanding job since she was assigned to my part.

Marianne is very well organized, treats attorneys with respect, and has complete control of the courtroom.

During my 14 years on the Supreme Court bench, Marianne has been the best clerk I have ever worked with, and has been a tremendous asset in connection with my duties in the Court.

Very truly yours,

Marvin E. S., JSC


Dear Dan B.,

I want to personally thank you for all your help and guideance in putting together the Family Treatment Court graduation, from corrdinating with the Judges, to the beautiful program and for also keeping me calm.

As a result of your efforts, we had a truly inspiring graduation ceremony. Our treatment court participants were elated. Our audience of Judges, Lawyers, Social Workers and Treatment Providers were truly motivated and uplifted by what we have accomplished. The ceremony ran like clock work and was sensitive to the feelings of all the participants. There was a wonderful feeling of warmth and dignity generated by the graduation.

The only problem is that everyone wants a graduation as grand as the one you created. Once again, thank you. My mom was overwhelmed by the day and sends her love to you.

Very truly yours,

Ruth C. B., JFC


To: Kathy H., Chief Clerk

From: Honorable Joseph A. D.

Subject: SCO Larry T.

SCO T. was assigned to my court during Term 6. He performed his duties in an exemplary manner, was cooperative, healpful and dealt with jurirs in a friendly professional manner.

I commend him.

Joseph A. D., JSC


To: Katherine H., Chief Clerk

From: Honorable Michele M. W. - Part 30

Subject: SCO Sharon L.

I want to commend Officer L. who worked in my part last week. As I was without a secretary and law secretary, she played an essential role in assisting chambers in making our day to day operations flow smoothly. Officer L. was also prompt, pleasant and efficient in assisting out courtroom clerk to maintain the extremely hectic pre-holiday calendar.

Thank you for assigning her to our part.


Judge Ruth C. B., Administratibe Judge

Your Honor,

Please accept this letter as acknowledgement of the professional efforts displayed by the following court personnel assigned to my part during the recent power outage:

Liz D., Court Clerk

Kathy A., Court Reporter

Joe M., Court Officer, Sergant

Mary F., Sr Court Officer

Frank W. Jr, Court Officer

Kelle R., Court Officer

Anthony B., Court Officer

The court was in in the process of adjudicating an emotionally charged visitation case, which included the transfer of parental custody from the mother to an out of state father, when we lost power in the building. Notwithstanding that this emergency occurred during a crucial and highly contencious portion of the proceeding, the case continued virtually unimpeded.

The court Personnel maintained a sense of professionalism and decorum while ensuring that a safe environment for the litigants and all concerned continued.

Thanks to their efforts, we were able to conclude the proceeding in a timely and effcacious manner, and safely evacuate from the courthouse.

Please extend my sincerest thanks to each one of the above mentioned employees for their capably handling a potentially perilous situation.

Very truly yours,

David P. S.

Supreme Court Justice, Family Court


Dear Justice M.,

This letter concerns one of your employees, Ed M., who to my knowledge is a Counter Clerk in the Motion Support Office. Yesterday, while waiting for several hours for an order to show cause to be signed, I was able to observe Mr. M.'s manner and demeanor. It was so courteous and professional that I thought it worth mentioning by letter.

In the several hours while waiting in the office I found Mr. M. to be extremely patient and understanding while dealing with those that approached the Motion Support counter. He explained the procedures very well and was extremely polite and pleasant, even when those requesting assistance were in the wrong place. His manners and behavior were excemptional and should be commended. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call.


Michael J. L.

Deputy County Attorney


Dear SCO Mike R.,

Once in a while we meet someone who just makes us smile, brightens our day, and manages to ease our workload. Mike, you are just such a person. Your warm smile and caring manner invites all to feel at ease in your presence. You have a genuine affinity for people, as well as computers! Nothing is too much for you, no matter how great the task. You live life in an exemplary manner, well worth emulating.

On behalf of both the Judicial and Non-Judicial employees of the Supreme Court, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for this Court. We are very proud of you, believe me, for the well deserved recognition you have achieved through you hard work and dedication.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all you do to help each and everyone of us. Also, please extend our thanks to Kelly and to Erin for supporting you while you share your precious time with us. You have a wonderful family, but you know that, which makes you all the more special.

Thank you again,

Kathryn Driscoll H., ESQ

Chief Clerk


Dear Ms. H.,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Carolyn D., Senior Court Clerk, Supreme Court. The reason for this letter is to acknowledge my gratitude towards Carolyn for taking on the respndsibility of training me in my position as Senior Court Clerk. As well as being a perfectionist, Carolyn is extremely intelligent and was able to both train me and complete her job task without any interruption to the Court.

Carolyn is very through in her training techniques. She was considerate enough to take the time to set up a reference book for me which was filled with notes for me to fall back on. This book which I took everywhere with me, still comes in handy. Because of Carolyn's abilities and expertise, she encouraged me to be a more confident reliable Senior Court Clerk.

I feel the importance of acknowledging reliable, professional employees like Carolyn when they impact others in a positive way. Thank you for your time in reading this letter.

Very truly yours,

Ann Marie S.

Senior Court Clerk, Supreme Court, Nassau County


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