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From: Wayne T.
To: Linda G.
Subject: Many Thanks

I dont know if you remember me but I was the one who asked for directions to the Town Hall Court for my wife's speeding ticket. The directions you gave me were perfect and saved me alot of time looking for it. I am glad there are people like you in the world that are willing to help out a stranger in world. By the way my wife got a reduecd charge from speeding to a traffic infraction without going to school. Take care, Have a Merry Christmas & God Bless. Thanks. Wayne D. T.

Mr. Ronald A. S., Esq., LL. M
Chief Clerk
Niagara County Surrogate's Court
175 Hawley Street
Lockport, NY 14094

Dear Mr. S.

RE: File No. 75454

During the process of trying to settle my mother's estate, I was told by one of the banks that I would have to obtain some forms from the Niagara County Surrogate's Court in Lockport.

As I drove from Niagara Falls to Lockport, I found myself talking to myself as to the kind of morning I was about to have. I probably would be talking to people that act like I'm bothering them. I would probably spend the good part of the day there and come away without what I needed.

Well, a young lady met me by the name of Sandy, who was patient, pleasant and helped me numerous times when I had a question filling out the forms. She even ran after me out to my car thinking she had forgotten to give me a form.

Upon hearing from me that I was returning to Arizona the next morning, she talked to you, Mr. S. You were extremely courteous and expedited all the forms that I needed with Judge B. and even saved me a trip back to Niagara Falls City Clerk's Office and back to Lockport.

On your wall there is a sign that reads, Quality service, please add with patience and a smile. I came away with everything that I needed and a gratifying feeling for your office and personnel.

Thank you

Beverly Z.


This email is from the Juror Information Site for Monroe:

Fm: Larry

To: Monroe Jury Room

I was amazed and pleased to see the changes that have taken place in management of the central jury room. I was a civil litigator until 1999 when I retired. Knowing the jury system from that perspective, it seemed pretty crude. You have done a wonderful job. I would like to particularly compliment Scott who smiled at the arriving jurors and spoke clearly and cogently explaining every step of the procedure.

Super Job. Thanks.


Quality Service